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Lyme & Death

The Battle to Allow American's Freedom to Purchase Affordable Canadian Scripts Reaches New Bizarre Low

"A government that's big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take it all away."
Barry Goldwater

I have read of many individuals who have been found to die of Lyme. It is a spirochete like syphilis only much harder to kill. We have known for hundreds of years that syphilis kills people. It is fairly fantastic that some CDC non-clinicians feel that Lyme is easily killed and that those who feel it is very dangerous are merely trying to bother them and upset the apple cart. If they had even a small clue about the leaders in Lyme treatment they would realize they are not treating Lyme to be CDC, NIH or State Medical Board targets of the thought police, it is because they have seen it in themselves, their spouse, their child, their parents, their brother or sister or their most beloved friends. One CDC official thinks one leading expert is treating Lyme merely to get his kids college education paid off. What a sick clueless comment. The Lyme physician has spent hundreds of thousands for many years in offering up free care, and training others for free, and fighting for the right for physician's to treat patients, as the patients want to be treated. No one is stopping patients from running to a CDC or NIH funded study or their Lyme caring physicians. There are two schools right now. The magic 4-weeks antibiotic school in which all labs are perfect, and then the school that feels Lyme and its co-infections are very tough to treat and feels most very cheap junk labs are worthless.

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Fetal Death

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