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Lyme Effects on the Brain:
More Common Than You Think!

Lyme enters the brain in days to weeks and it makes inflammation chemicals and biotoxins, which also bother the brain. Simply, we have seen every psychiatric disorder you can imagine present itself from Lyme infection. Also, some infections that occur with Lyme, such as Bartonella, rarely tested carefully by so-called "infection experts," can cause massive personality changes.

Any testing must be done at carefully selected labs. Sorry, your doctor cannot send the sample anywhere. Labs are more like restaurants than people imagine, some are excellent for one test and poor at another. Cutting edge physicians in non-surgical medicine realize one stop shopping is a delusion with lab tests.

Because of difficulties in making the diagnosis of neuroborreliosis [Lyme in the brain], the physician will need a familiarity with the most common forms of presentations, which will be emphasized. The following points will help evaluate the patient for neuroborreliosis:

  1. For most patients, systemic features of disease coexist with, or predate, neurologic manifestations.
  2. Both central nervous and peripheral nervous system involvement is frequent with Lyme disease and typically occur together.
  3. Laboratory data may or may not confirm the diagnosis, and other disease in the differential diagnosis must be evaluated thoroughly in cases where diagnostic uncertainty exists.
  4. Although history of exposure to B. burgdorferi should be sought, for various reasons, patients may not remember a history of a tick bite, or the pathognomonic rash particularly if the disease is presenting years after the exposure.
  5. Early on, personality changes, psychiatric symptoms, or cognitive manifestations may be the first, and occasionally the only, symptoms that the patient or family is aware of.

For more information on this issue, please link to the follow article. The paragraph above was from this larger article: www.ilads.org/goldings.htm

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