Lyme Disease Has Spread to All 50 States

James L. Schaller, MD, MAR

Lyme Disease Now in All 50 States

A report by Quest Diagnostics (Health Trends: Lyme Disease [†]) reveals more cases, in more places.

Report Highlights

In recent years, tick-borne diseases—most notably Lyme disease—have captured public attention and spurred discussion about the best ways to diagnose and treat disease, as well as minimize risk.

According to the report, in a recent 2-year period, the number of Lyme-infected patients increased just under 50% in New England (more than 11,000 cases) and a startling 78% in Pennsylvania (more than 10,000 cases).

Florida and California (states not historically associated with Lyme disease) had 483 and 501 positive test results in 2017, respectively. Compared to 2015, this represents a 77% increase in disease occurrence for Florida and a 194.5% increase for California.

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†, July, 2018.

Download the full report HERE (PDF).