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Research Team Finds Long-Lasting
Round Body forms of Spirochete

Ultra-Conservative Lyme Docs are Wrong In Denying Their Existence

Major Implications For Treatment of Lyme

A very important and amazing article is found in Daedalus -- Journal of the American Academy of Arts & Science, Fall 2004, entitled 'On Syphilis & the nature of Nietzsche's illness', by Lynn Margulis.

L. Margulis is a highly respected authority on many types of microorganisms. Her book, 'Five Kingdoms', is a standard reference. She showed her brilliance and cutting-edge insight, by promoting symbiogenesis at an early stage, before its near universal acceptance was remarkably prescient. She has been honored for this and other contributions. She has significant expertise with spirochete bacteria. Both Lyme and Syphilis are spirochetes.

The article has very little to do with Nietzsche, which is good because Nietzsche's psychiatric problems from syphilis is well known.

The article does make very powerful comments about spirochetes and cyst forms. Cyst forms are trivialized by most so-called Lyme Experts or Infectious Disease physicians who are usually not keeping up on the flood of new tick disease research. While progressive Lyme physicians, most of whom have had loved ones infected with Lyme, have suggested that cysts are a common survival technique used to survive antibiotics and other threats to the organism.

What Margulis states that is compelling is her research team has determined that round body forms of the spirochete are real and very long lasting. Margulis makes this point (see immediately below) while acknowledging a controversy surround the issue of the round bodies.

Our lab work, coupled with that of other scientists, reveals that certain spirochetes when threatened by death can and do form immobile, shiny bodies. Furthermore, these round bodies can hide and wait until conditions become favorable enough for growth to resume.

Since 1977, a group of scientists and students has been traveling to Laguna Figueroa near San Quentin, Baja California, Norte Mexico, to study microbial mats ... Many times we have brought microbial mat samples back to our lab and left these bottles of brightly colored mud on the windowsill, where photosynthetic bacteria powered the community. On several occasions the bottles were assiduously ignored through semesters of classes and meetings. From time to time, we took tiny samples and placed them in test tubes under conditions favorable for growth. Various kinds of spirochetes did begin to swim and grow; we suspect they emerged from round bodies after the samples were put into fresh, clean, abundant liquid food. Spirochetes, mostly unidentified, persisted in hiding in these bottles and jars for at least ten years.

[Recently] we [studied] another microbial community sample, collected…in 1990 at Eel Pond in Woods Hole, Mass. It [was] in our lab at the Univ. of Mass, Amherst in a forty-liter glass jar…. we add only 'rain' (distilled water), but with sunlight as the energy source an abundance of life still thrives. Long after no typical spirochetes were seen in the sample, we added bits of either wet or dry mud to food and water known to support the activities of spirochetes, swimming and growing. In a very few samples, with in about a week, armies of spirochetes awoke from at least months of slumber.

The spheres of Spirosymplokos deltaeiberi we studied look just like the round bodies published by Norwegian microbiologists Oyestein and Sverre-Henning Brorson (They call them cysts). The Brorsons showed that under unfavorable conditions the Borrelia burgdorferi spirochetes of Lyme disease make round bodies.

After weeks of dormancy, of no growth and no sensitivity to antibiotics and other chemical insults, these round bodies revive. At higher magnification they looked just like those of Spirosymplokos deltaeiberi, only smaller. The Borrelia burgdorferi round bodies convert to form swimming spirochete all at once, and begin to grow easily as soon as they are placed into proper liquid food at the correct temperature and salt concentration.

The Brorsons confirmed what we suspected: spirochete round bodies, like the spheres of S d, are fully alive. Either mixed with other mud organisms or growing by themselves in isolation, just supply them with what they need to grow and within minutes they revert into swimming, active, feeding, corkscrew spirochetes. Armies of them awake from months of slumber, Our work on S d coupled with our reading of the literature (especially several studies by the Brorsons), leads us to emphasize an ancient secret of spirochete success: persistence via round bodies.

And in the last paragraph, Margulis goes on to suggest that armies of dormant spirochetes were resurrected in the famous philosopher's brain.

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Currently, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are attacking physicians willing to take on the treatment failure patients of simplistic Lyme physicians. Some states have already passed laws that stop this harassment. Limiting the manipulation of medically ignorant lawyers by old medical dinosaurs who believe a few weeks of antibiotics cures all Lyme, and that common cheap standard Lyme labs are good enough at find Lyme in blood. Hardly! Average blood tests have been proven junk, and cyst forms from someone infected twenty years ago are not gone in three weeks of treatment. Dream on and enjoy the silly science of the world of Dr. Simplistic Peter Pan.

Most physicians who are progressive Lyme experts have seen their family, spouses, children, friends or themselves fail the Lyme treatment and junk labs used by ultra-conservative routine Lyme physicians.

If you want freedom to choose your own Lyme doctor, download and fax this to the number enclosed and your local senator: Lyme Treatment Freedom Petition

Dedicated to the Ability of Progressive Lyme Docs to Treat Without Insurance Company Clerks and State Board Insurance Bouncers Attacking Them with 1980's Medicine.

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