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Letters from Doctors About Theralac

Theralac® The Probiotic Master Supplement, is the most advanced probiotic available and is recommended by Naturopathic Doctors (NDs), medical doctors (MDs) and Chiropractors across the United States. Please take a few moments to read some of their letters to us...

Theralac was introduced to practitioners in 2003 and has become the #1 Doctor Recommended Probiotic, it is guaranteed through expiration to contain 30 BILLION CFU per capsule. Theralac has been recommended by Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D. in several editions of the Blaylock Wellness Report, by Dr. Gary Huffnagle in his new text, The Probiotics Revolution, by Dr. James Schaller, M.D. in his text, The Diagnosis and Treatment of Babesia, by Dr. Garth Nicolson of The Institute for Molecular Medicine in a paper on the treatment of chronic illness, by Dr. Robert Rountree, M.D. in the November 15, 2004 issue of BottomLine, by Dr. Richard Horowitz, M.D. at the Hudson Valley Healing Clinic in New York, by Dr. Joel Pins of the University of Minnesota Medical School, and by many other practitioners including many NDs and DCs (list available on request). Theralac was also cited as one of the best probiotics in the June 2007 issue of Prevention Magazine.

Theralac is a multi-strain, medical-strength probiotic that contains five human strains (3 Lactobacillus and 2 Bifidobacteria that cover the entire intestinal tract) with a patented delivery system that utilizes sodium alginate and grape skin extract to protect the strains from destructive stomach acid. Greater than 95% of Theralac's probiotics get delivered alive into the small intestine where the sodium alginate then serves as a sticky biogel supporting adhesion to intestinal surfaces. The prebiotic LactoStim (patent pending) encourages rapid colonization by stimulating probiotic growth while Lactoferrin limits the growth of undesirable competitive bacteria such as E. coli. It's called 5 + 2 Biotherapy and is only available in Theralac's patented formula. There is no FOS in Theralac.

Theralac is fast acting and rapidly counteracts intestinal dysbiosis (unhealthy predominance of undesirable/harmful microorganisms) creating a state of eubiosis (positive microbial balance governed by probiotics). Theralac can be used to restore beneficial intestinal flora during and after antibiotic treatment and helps correct antibiotic associated diarrhea. The probiotic strains in Theralac are backed by numerous scientific and clinical studies that can be accessed at www.theralac.com. Both doctors and patients can go online at this website and obtain a third party lab report certifying the strength in CFU, the purity, and the activity (lactic acid production rate) for any batch of Theralac by typing in the lot number on the bottle. Theralac is the only probiotic that provides a third party lab analysis online. For orders practitioners can call 800-926-2961 x 3 or talk directly to our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Jeff Thurston, at 570-351-1006.

Probiotic News

Counteracting Dangerous Fat With Probiotics

November 8, 2007

A Danish publication, "Borsen", recently released information about research which suggests that a special strain of Lactobacillus found in Theralac® know as Lactobacillus paracasei F-19 can have a beneficial effect on fat metabolism in the human body, reduce the amount of health-threatening abdominal fat, lead to lower weight gain and increase our feeling of fullness.

According to this article, the latest studies show that the natural probiotic lactic acid bacterium L. paracasei F-19 can affect a group of genes in the body that influence fat metabolism and our feeling of fullness. The report continues that researchers examined how different foods affect our genes and our health. In mice that were fed a diet with added L. paracasei F-19, researchers were able to register a positive effect on the genes that affect the reduction of body fat as well as the increase in good cholesterol and in our feeling of fullness. The mice fed L. paracasei F-19 also ate less....

These results were followed by another mouse study where all the mice were fed a diet high in fat. This diet led to weight gain in all the mice, but the mice that were fed milk to which L. paracasei F-19 had been added, stored less abdominal fat and put on less weight than those fed milk with no added L. paracasei F-19 as one of the probiotic strains.

We know that Theralac has a beneficial effect on the GI Tract. This new research also shows the potential for the L. paracasei F-19 strain to actively influence a group of genes that affect fat metabolism and a feeling of fullness in humans. Theralac is one of the few multi-strain probiotic that includes L. paracasei F-19 as one of the probiotic strains.

Clinically proven health benefits

Stimulates the immune system

Significantly increases the presence of other healthful bacteria

Limits the ability of harmful bacteria to take hold in the GI Tract

Helps maintain a positive level of healthful bacteria in the GI Tract

Development of L. paracasei F-19:

In a major research study conducted in the 1980s, L. paracasei F-19 was chosen as the most promising probiotic strain from a selection of more than 400 candidates. This species is native to the human gastrointestinal tract.

How L. paracasei F-19 works:

When it is ingested, Lactobacillus paracasei F-19 adheres to the soft lining (wall) of the intestinal tract. Where L. paracasei F-19 probiotic adhere, harmful bacteria cannot occupy the same space, it's called competitive exclusion and helps assure a healthy intestinal surface. With these bacteria taking up more cell wall space, harmful bacteria have less opportunity to take hold and are expelled.

Another benefit is L. paracasei F-19's ability to resist stomach acid. Once ingested it survives in relatively high numbers and along with the Theralac® patented acid-proof protection, actually makes it to the gastrointestinal tract- something most probiotics fail to do; as well documented in the media. L. paracasei F-19 is also stable in storage, meaning these bacteria along with Theralac®'s Totally Inert Packaging allow for up to 30 days at room temperature.

Call 800-926-2961 ext 3 to get a pdf file of the complete article in "Borsen" e-mailed to you.

Theralac Works

July 9, 2007

One of the major functions of a probiotic is to produce lactic acid — this is referred to as ACTIVITY. ACTIVITY is the work probiotics do and goes beyond the CFU analysis which is important but only half the story. ACTIVITY is the other half of the story. Does your brand report ACTIVITY?

The #1 "molecular effect" of Theralac® is the production of lactic acid deep in the GI Tract; and with Theralac's patented delivery system and LactoStim™ prebiotic stimulation — it produces more lactic acid than any other probiotic. For example, 1% lactic acid production in 24 hours is considered a good result. Theralac® produces 1.6% in 12 hours — see graph below. This test was performed by an independent laboratory, Minnesota Valley Testing Lab, in New Ulm, MN — procedure available upon request.

Lactic acid has antibiotic like effects on many pathogenic bacteria such as the H157 strain of E. coli and on many Salmonella strains. When people feel an immediate positive effect (within 12-24 hours) after taking Theralac® it's due FIRST to lactic acid production in the food as it moves through the GI tract and SECOND to lactic acid production on intestinal surfaces.

theralac capsules

Probiotics May Help Fight Bird Flu

October 13, 2005

Dr. Allen S. Josephs, M.D. in an article Guard Yourself Against the Deadly Avian Flu Now on www.vitacost.com [THE WHOLESALE PRICE FOR PATIENTS COMPANY WITH 3 MILLION CUSTOMERS AND GROWING—DR. SCHALLER IS A PROUD MEDICAL ADVISOR-FOR OPEN DISCLOSURE] discusses various dietary supplements that can help fight the Avian Flu epidemic that may be around the corner. He places emphasis on supplements that enhance the immune system like the catechins in green tea, elderberry extract, vitamin C, zinc and PROBIOTICS.

THERALAC is a mega-potent (30 billion CFU/capsule) probiotic with patented acid-proof delivery of five new generation probiotic strains. It is critical that probiotic products deliver their acid-sensitive microorganisms through the acidic stomach and into the small intestine at full strength and viability — THERALAC does this. The five probiotic strains in THERALAC stimulate the immune system to produce protective immunoglobulins like IgA while simultaneously boosting the performance of the body's disease fighting white blood cells (like N.K. killer cells and macrophage cells). There are published studies on Theralac's probiotic strains, many address immune system enhancement -- visit the Scientific References to see the listings. It may be wise to stock up on Probiotics and other important dietary supplements this winter!


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