Dr James Schaller
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James Schaller Testimonies and Old Patients:
A Release to Discuss Your Care

Dr. Schaller has helped vast numbers of patients by cancer enzyme blocker research, addiction detox information, many medical inventions, many nutrition education articles, treating complex depression with suicidal feelings, treating resistant fatigue, fixing clotting that could not be controlled, and new or clear information on mycotoxins, Babesia, Bartonella and long term untreated Lyme disease. This is not a complete list.

Approximately eight years ago, after seeing many patients still ill after care by exceptional physicians, Dr. Schaller and his family decided to empty all of their assets and resources and do massive full-time study and research. For example, they paid for expensive treatments of a poor person, who wanted a reasonable treatment, approved by a board certified physician. The treatment was for an off label use. The cost was profound.

Unfortunately, because Dr. Schaller does not see 40-60 hours of patients per week, he had to increase his rates due to the lost income in funding his own research. Before this full-time research period, he had a very solid economic footing. Yet Dr. Schaller’s entire clan believes life is very short, and his family has a medical and deacon tradition of saving lives and seeking to offer the best service in medicine.

Unfortunately, when you transition from 50 hours a week to 19 hours a week in clinical care, you have to increase rates merely to survive. Or at least slow your increasing debt. These higher rates for these few patients came with a massively increased liability because they and their family and friends were cynical, hopeless, annoyed, resentful and suspicious, because they have not seen any help.

They often felt rejected or not helped to recover by 10-50 physicians. Therefore, Dr. Schaller knowingly is usually walking into a storm with some of these patients. However, the very sick need fuller treatment and time.

Because he makes so much time for study, he can investigate the troubles of each person and their medical troubles. This is why Dr. Schaller generally only accepts patients if they had failed the care of smart and solid physicians. This means they are often hopeless, raw, reactive and upset quickly. They are ill.

Some write nice notes of thanks, and 18 months later, we find a defamatory comment on a hate chat site making it sound like Dr. Schaller is getting rich writing books, which is profoundly naïve, and shows they do not know authors.

If someone wants to enter into a true debate about your past care, here is a release form that allows me to respond to any complaints. The staff and Dr. Schaller keep very complete notes. They would be happy to reply to anyone who did not like his care. His practice description is profoundly complete. Sign and mail us the release and the link, and we will respond to any accusations of meager care in the last three years.

Download Patient Information Release Form

Merely saying he is “expensive” or greedy is childish and factually utter nonsense. He could be in the strong black if he ran a mill, hired assistants, and stopped doing full-time study.

So if you cannot afford him, even for a non-patient chart review, see someone else. Dr. Schaller does not do thirty things he would love to do because of the cost of full-time problem solving. He does not insult his eye physician because he cannot afford optimal updated trifocal glasses.

He talks to people about one hour a day for no cost--find that in routine medicine.

He also posts extremely expensive material on his web sites. This information is free and is usually read by poorer individuals. Yet he keeps offering information to help them.

He writes books knowing they are a huge loss of time, income, family time and sleep. Any person who thinks one gets rich writing a highly specific medical book simply is not well, thinking clearly, and certainly knows no physician authors.

Want to post a negative comment, send in the release and have a debate on the care, and the staff and Dr. Schaller will be honest on your points.

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