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Mr. Phillips

I liked Mr. Phillips from the first time I met him. He was an amusing man even in his fatigue and discomfort. He was an electrician and had worked in that field for years. He was fascinating as he talked about his shift from new home wiring, to the complexities of older buildings, which required new wiring and updated electrical systems.

His shift from new construction to older buildings started about six years earlier. And as we thought about it, his chronic fatigue started about five years ago. He had a number of highly "specialized tests" done at three IVY League facilities – the ones that supposedly have all the clinical answers – but nothing was found. Big surprise.

Mr. Phillips also showed me some chaffed skin on his hands. During the week I was thinking about him, and it occurred to me that a man working in older structures and opening electrical sockets in moldy old walls, was probably getting exposure from the indoor mold behind some of the walls he was rewiring.

He confirmed this possibility when he mentioned that when he went to Europe for three weeks his hands improved 50%.

We had his change room in the home tested for mold, and it was clear that this room had 3x the mold as any other room and it was dry with no water intrusion – the spores were coming from work and carried on his body, hair and clothes which were dropped on the carpet when he changed at home in the "change room."

He was placed on a number of medications to remove mold toxins, open capillaries, replace some fallen hormones and reverse inflammation chemicals. Some other special interventions were designed to cool off inflammation, which are not routinely used by most physicians. Further, natural liver nutritional chemicals were prescribed to remove various irritating chemicals, not as some overstated promised cure under the simplistic banner of a "Detox," but simply because it is basic nutrition and healthy medicine. In the 21rst century we all are exposed to various chemical toxins. We offered these substances not as some complex soup to "support the liver," but we simply offered wholesale nutrients the liver is proven to require to remove junk.

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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