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Mrs. Roberts

She has seen over twenty physicians in about fourteen years. She meets the vague and cloudy criteria for this illness, listed in other articles. The important thing is all her treatments have only helped her 25%.

She mentioned that twenty years ago she "loved gardening" before she became ill and lost her ability to work. When I asked her if any of her physicians had ever considered Lyme, just because she used to hike and garden and has an illness that sincere physicians are not helping, she said, "They ruled it out because a famous Dr. P-------- said my lab was 'negative' because I only had one band." She was referring to the Western Blot in which your blood is exposed to a lab kit filled with various Lyme proteins. If you are lucky, your lab will not use silly non-applicable strains from the mountains of Nepal, and yet most labs in blind testing do very poorly. Despite my strong observation that most labs doing these tests are junk, and do not use the best or highly specific Lyme proteins, this lady had a 23 protein positive. This simply means she had antibodies to the 23 proteins. So who cares?

This is a fingerprint protein of Lyme. If someone has this antibody, at some point they were exposed to Lyme. She thought I was joking. Yet I recall this same protein being positive and a pediatrician telling a dear relative of mine it was "nothing." He was almost dead six years later from Lyme. So much for the wisdom of the CDC criteria which are NOT meant to apply to individual patients and are only meant as very rigid research and poorly conceived surveillance standards of an area. Their criteria for surveillance would call a single 23 band a "negative." This is like finding a person's fingerprint at a crime scene and saying they were never present.

Mrs. Roberts had severe fatigue, headaches, trouble thinking and many other symptoms. After using a series of antibiotics, which kill Lyme different ways, and gradually increasing the degree of brain and joint penetration, she improved significantly. I wish I could say a few silly studies suggesting chronic missed Lyme is cured in 2-4 weeks, but other studies show Lyme persistence and success with longer treatments, e.g., Dr. Brian Fallon's NIH Columbia study and Dr. Daniel Cameron's blind study.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Roberts had spirochetes that did not read the silly and flawed studies, which boast a cure in 14-28 days, and these illiterate spirochetes refused to die in 4 weeks. So her treatment took a little longer but now she is doing very well.

Also, we decided to ignore the useless approach of many pretend Lyme diagnosticians, and we actually tested for co-infections with Mrs. Roberts. She had read in some articles that in humans and animals and in ticks, sometimes other infections are present with the Lyme. She felt this was basic medicine and we agreed. But of course most physicians do not do this. And what a surprise, she had Babesia and Bartonella in addition to Lyme. The Babesia was killed with Mepron and the Bartonella with another treatment. Babesia causes massive fatigue and other symptoms and the Bartonella made her agitated and moody and irritable. In six weeks her mood was greatly improved.

So consider tick-born infections if no one is helping you and you feel like something might have been missed in your Chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis. Of course Lyme weakens the body and causes many abnormal lab results, and some get side tracked with those results.

For more information, keep tuned to this site for a powerful text on Pediatric Lyme and Tick-borne infections by Dr. Charles Ray Jones and Dr. Schaller. According to Dr. Brian Fallon of Columbia's Lyme Division, Dr. Jones has the largest collection of pediatric patients suffering from Tick born illnesses in the world. It is approximately 9,000 children. And amazingly, some CDC and Connecticut Medical Board physicians actually think they need to educate him on optimal care.

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