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The Obesity Tests Always Ignored!

In my learning of biotoxins, Lyme and indoor mold, I came across a stupidly obvious finding. Folks that have one of these are often struggling with weight trouble. Weight trouble out of proportion to their diet and exercise.


First, because few doctors have a real clue how to diagnose and treat these problems, and if missed or incorrectly treated, you can start an obesity cascade in the body.

  1. Biotoxins are in many settlings and can go from cell to cell and shoot your leptin right off the charts, making weight loss very hard.
  2. Unless you have a Lab Corp genetics test done you have no idea if you are someone unable to remove biotoxins -- roughly 1/4th of our population. So you go into a storage area and shake lose a billion mold spores and trillions of chemical toxins, you notice a momentary annoyance, but do not realize you may carry that junk in your body.

    The test is a HLA DRB, DQB Disease Association (012542). If your doctor will not order it, and you are very heavy, he or she is too busy to learn. Look around for someone with time. Some great doctors are just too fried to learn this medicine. Get a consult.
  3. Check your leptin level. If it is over the normal limits at Lab Corp you have biochemical changes causing the obesity.
  4. Check a LabCorp alpha MSH. If it is 40 or below this often is a sign of some inflammatory process or biotoxins. An MSH under 30 will mean your endorphins are low. This will make it hard to lose weight and make it easy to eat impulsively. If your doctor does not know what to do with the lab, get a consult. But do not assume a consult with an IVY League doctor is the obvious solution. An aggressive research-oriented passionate local clinician commonly is far better. Often IVY doctors have no clue what this lab is about, and since they do not know it, it must not be important. Assuming they are the most up-to-date clinicians is a very false assumption. And the IVY League folks are often almost worthless in terms of actual clinical savvy, since many are too tied up in grants, teaching and administrative duties. I used to be impressed when I was a little man, now -- big deal. Some have the titanic arrogance to question my discoveries on the causes of patient suffering, call me wrong on the grounds of idiot anal medicine, and most importantly leave the patient in a disastrous shape! They offer their pompous opinion and leave! If I am wrong you clown, then fix them with your "rightness." Still waiting for that to happen. Sorry I am so strongly passionate, but I have seen them kill people with their certainty that only they have the keys of wisdom and progressive medicine.
  5. Take your vacuum and see if your home has toxic mold, the instructions are at this link on my site: www.personalconsult.com/articles/moldandbiotoxins/realestateindoormold.html

    If it comes back negative or you feel you have some mold symptoms from work, test work first. Consider putting a small HEPA machine under or near your work area, running it at full blast at night, and then sending off the filter with some dust from the office corners or ducts. You need two full teaspoons.
  6. Lyme disease is in all USA states and is very common in some states. Often the highest labs are in folks with no symptoms. It often kills people over time, and is no little joke. The more common it is in a state, the dumber the medical state board lawyers (and board doctors if they get involved), and the more likely they are to use dinosaur Infectious Disease jokers as paid prostitute witnesses. They have almost killed many relatives, friends and patients by their trash labs and poor diagnostic discernment. They rely on labs missing the vast majority of positive patients. The point? Get your labs done at IGENEX and the web site is IGENEX.com who are leaders in tick disease technology. Read the Western Blot test Lyme results according to the Jones Criteria listed on this site -- he has treated about 7,000 kids with it. Try to find a smarty pants pro-Lyme infectious disease "expert" who has that experience in the entire USA. Good luck.

Some folks also like to see the Lyme infection in a picture. Then consider Bowen Labs in Florida. They have had their positives grown out on media and found to have live organisms. They will send you pictures and look for two co-infections commonly also found in Lyme infected people.

If you have Lyme or one of its co-infections, even if you are treated with antibiotics beyond the common dubious 4 weeks, you may be unable to remove the biotoxins it leaves behind. These cause increased leptin, inflammation, low MSH and weight gain.

Too bad so few Bariatric doctors are able to explore these causes. In those that do not respond to traditional common treatments, they must be checked.

To Your Health!

Dr. J

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