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Many studies show that the kits used for Lyme disease testing are often unreliable. They should not be trusted for serious diagnostic decisions on Lyme and other co-infections. Especially since many physicians do not listen to patients, and instead blindly follow questionable blood tests.

Some of these inferior Lyme test kits use Lyme strains that do not accurately represent the vast complexity of Lyme forms throughout the world or even just the United States. The Lyme used in these test kits is not cultured to yield a full range of surface proteins which we know clearly vary over time, in the same way humans change their clothes each day. Further, few labs take the effort to make sure the amount of Lyme proteins tested is uniform between the proteins tested. In some lab tests some question the integrity of showing a lab is reliable and has "quality" assurance, when they use as their Lyme-free group (their "negative control" group) people who are from areas that are hyper endemic with Lyme. This seems to be like testing to see if someone is an Irishman in the middle of Ireland.

IGeneX is the most dedicated Tick-infection lab in the US. They have spent years perfecting Tick-infection diagnosis. They offer a small number of carefully chosen labs, which are not a few tests among thousands. They do a small number of tests right. They have saved the lives of my children. They have saved the lives of friends and relatives. When I send them clear positives such as individuals with massive numbers of tick bites, the Lyme specific bands come back positive, and when I send patients who should not have Lyme, such as from 100% year round city dwellers, the results are always negative.

Some individuals are too lazy to research much in medicine, and are too lazy to research the immense quality assurance at IGeneX, and the many federal and state certificates they have earned. Why study when you can just listen to your local drug representative for education? Unfortunately, some sincere physicians are still in an adolescent hero mode of blindly following academicians with little experience in the treatment of tick illness?

I have posted these materials below to end the foolish comments to the media by some poorly informed physicians and government health agencies who are not willing to look at the extreme effort IGeneX has taken to offer superior tick disease testing. What follows is just a small taste of what they have achieved in advancing the diagnosis and treatment the leading vector illness in America. A serious bacteria that has the capacity to harm any organ in the body.

Print Quality Version (PDF File)

Print Quality Version (PDF File)

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