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Most Homes Have a Chronic Pain Sufferer

Fear Causes 99% of Doctors to Leave You in Pain

Doctors Fear Newspaper Headline Scandals, the DEA and
State Medical Boards, so Tens of Millions are in Agony

Almost half of American households (44 million or 43 percent) have at least one family member who suffers from chronic pain due to a specific illness or medical condition, according to a survey commissioned by Partners Against PainĘ, an educational program providing information, tools and services for patients and professionals. The survey of more than 1,000 people revealed that for one third of these sufferers, their chronic pain is so severe and debilitating, they feel they can't function as normal people and sometimes is so bad they want to die.

Attitudes toward Pain

The vast majority of sufferers are resigned to the fact that pain is something they have to live with. This attitude, coupled with fears about addiction to medication and the general isolation that many sufferers feel, may serve to prevent them from receiving appropriate treatment for their pain.

  • Almost four-out-of-five agree that their pain is "something they just have to live with;"
  • Additionally, the majority of surveyed patients agree that pain makes them feel tired all the time (57%) and much older than they are (49%);
  • One-out-of-three complain that "some days the pain is so bad, they just want to die."

Almost three-out-of-four patients are concerned about the side effects of pain medication.

  • Despite this, almost as many are "always willing to try a new treatment for pain;"
  • One third agree "they would spend all of their money on pain treatment if they knew it would work."

A smaller, but still significant segment of sufferers, express feelings of isolation due to their pain and a lack of understanding from family and colleagues.

  • Two-out-of-five don't think discussing their pain is appropriate and almost as many agree that "they feel alone with their pain;"
  • Additionally, one third say their pain makes them feel isolated and believe that "no one believes how much pain they are in."

Satisfaction with Medications and Treatments

The majority of sufferers do not consider either their current prescription or over-the-counter medication effective enough, although prescription medications are considered more effective than OTC products.

  • Patients may have a very low expectation for appropriate pain management;
  • Even those who claim their pain is adequately controlled are not sufficiently satisfied with the efficacy of either prescription or OTC pain relievers;
  • More than two-in-five say their current prescription medication is not completely effective or very effective;
  • More than two out of three say their current OTC medication is not completely or very effective.

In general, most of the three-fourths of pain sufferers who have tried alternative therapies do not consider them very or extremely successful.

To read this full study please log on to: www.partnersagainstpain.com

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