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Herbs and Health: Messianic or Useless?

Dr. Schaller supports the use of very carefully selected herbs, but occasionally sees some health care professionals that do not have licenses to use prescription purified medications, are too abusive of all prescription medications and consider all "natural" products to be safe. What is really happening is that because they cannot prescribe certain medications, prescription natural hormones and prescription compounded natural nutrients, so they oppose all these, and often promote 1980's material on nutrition, essential oils and herbs, well know to all academic progressive physicians for decades. They mock all prescription medication use.

They are writing to say many prescriptions medications are used unwisely, with poor education, and with no consideration of the need for protective liver support or other issues. Yet this does not mean these are all "bad." Indeed, many herbs and essential oils are simply combinations of many biologically active chemicals, which at one dose are helpful, and at the wrong doses are harmful. I have asked fifteen friends who use essential oils if they have read the books on excess essential oil dosing, and none had read one book on this issue. I use different essential oils personally and enjoy them for my own health, but one should know the top doses for children, the elderly and those with a depleted ability to handle them.

Further, it is simply untrue that "natural" nutrients or herbs can cure all illness. For example, anxiety, agitation, depression and irritability are often from MEDICAL causes, but many pateints still need something to help them function. I use and have created natural anti-depressants and only a few are worth much help to very depressed patients. I wish this were not true, but it is reality. Do nutrients help depression? Often. Do they cure major depression and panic attacks magically and completely, as some would have you believe? Rarely.

So lets use all our healing options and not treat any good of treatments as all good or all bad.

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