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Two Minutes On Growth Hormone

Growth Hormone is only called this because it was first used in treating severe growth disorders in children. It has profound benefits for adults, but lets get to the bottom line in its use in adults.

Usually, if you only have aging related declines in your growth hormone, you will not be able to have it paid for by insurance. I have even presented patients with grossly abnormal and low 24- hour urine growth hormone levels from AAL labs and blood IGF-1 levels, which were very low, and had the insurance company reject it. Some insurance companies like Cigna are unlikely to approve easily without profound battling for an adult.

Therefore, if you have a tight budget, do not waste time considering using it.

We have not had good success repeating the positive results claimed by various non-injectable forms of growth hormone. So if you are afraid of very tiny needles, do not waste your time.

I personally feel, since hormones all interconnect, that it should be the last one you fix. And you should not fix many hormones during the same week or you will not know what is giving benefit or side effects that require dose adjustment.

Do not import from dubious medical sources to save a few dollars. Some have been found to be of poor quality.

If you have a problem with out-of-control eating and sweets, you should not use until this is under some control.

Some people wonder about increased cancer risk. Please discuss with you doctor. I do not think the evidence is remarkable that it is a problem. Cancer has many causes, and if you use basic prevention, I would be surprised if any significant risk. Some feel there is a decreased risk.

If you plan to use growth hormone to allow you to eat a lot of junk and go crazy with your lifestyle, save your money.

Benefits take days to seasons to see with most benefits noticeable in week 6-16 in our modest experience.

We recommend using 5 days a week and taking 2 days off a week to allow the body's natural feedback loop a chance to work. If you are accidentally taking slightly too much, stop for 2 days and let the level fall and keep the full system working.

The only real side effect we see routinely is some ankle and wrist aches, which go away in days or with a dose reduction.

If interested, please read more on this topic. An Informed Consumer is a Wise One.

And again, most adults considering growth hormone to replace age related declines, should not consider this treatment until other hormones like progesterone, thyroid and testosterone are evaluated. In these later two, the lab test matters a great deal. For testing thyroid, I personally think the two most important laboratory tests are: a free T3 and thyroid autoantibodies.

A standard TSH blood level does not pick up many borderline low people. And antibodies can exist against your own thyroid which I see in 1/12 adults, which make your thyroid hormone less useful--since it is loaded down with an antibody stick to it. If you do have auto-antibodies or antibodies against your own thyroid, routine lab tests will look fully normal.

Also, for testosterone testing, we suggest checking a free testosterone level and not merely the total level.

To Your Health!

Dr. J

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