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Medical Justice News Bulletin

Physician Shortage Looms In Florida.
To Patients, When Driving, Wear A Helmet, 1/11/2008

It is no secret that Florida is facing one of the worst physician shortages in the United States. With Florida regarded by many as one of the most attractive places to live in the country, why are its physicians fleeing in droves? It's a lethal combination of factors: high malpractice premiums, and a crisis-level epidemic of frivolous malpractice lawsuits. The situation is bad enough to make many physicians flee for greener, albeit colder, pastures.

Last year, we reported a on a critical shortage of neurosurgeons in Palm Beach County that required hour long ambulance rides out of town for those seeking urgent and critical care. To read that story, click here. Now, the St. Petersburg Times is reporting that a critical shortage of heart surgeons is imminent.

The Times offered the example of Dr. Jack Brock, an impeccably qualified and experienced physician who was formerly director of cardiac surgery at Tampa General Hospital. After seeing his take home pay drop more than 75% since the 1980s, he decided he'd had enough. Like an increasing number of surgeons, Brock now works in an Anti-Aging clinic doing preventive care without the thankless headaches and dangers that being a practicing surgeon now entails.

While Brock is still doing important work for his patients, his is one of many similar cases that lead to a lack of qualified, experienced surgeons remaining in a critical field. However, with the cost of malpractice insurance eating significantly into a physician's pay, how can anyone ask them to keep going? Attempted legal reforms in Florida have failed to address the situation or ease physicians' pain.

Medical Justice; a nationally known company, first launched its innovative programs in Florida because founder Jeffrey Segal, himself a board-certified neurosurgeon, saw a critical need for relief in Florida and decided to answer the call. According to a study by an independent actuary, Medical Justice Members in Florida are sued at a rate of less than 2% compared with over 15% statewide.

Though toughing it out in Florida is an increasingly less attractive proposition, many physicians remain heroically committed to serving their communities in the state. For that, they should be rewarded, not punished by an unfair system that is hostile to physicians. Medical Justice understands the physicians' plight, especially in Florida, and we are committed to leveling the playing field to give physicians security and justice and to ensure that quality healthcare in the state of Florida remains the standard, not the exception.

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Words cannot describe my deep affection and thanks to Medical Justice for a thousand kindnesses. If you are not a member, this is the most important organization you can have for yourself. They will serve you personally and passionately with immense wisdom and balance. They have access to many tools to help the quality of a physician's life, and know how to fight sadistic pathological anti-MD forces in the culture. I email some of my political organizations and am ignored. I call Medical Justice and they are on the phone to me in 30 seconds to 45 minutes. If I need a top 1% genius lawyer for an opinion, they find me one on the spot, since they know the best warriors. FIND THAT KIND OR POWERFUL CARE AND SMARTS ANYWHERE IN THE USA!

Let me save you time wandering for such an organization. Call Medical Justice. I write my very modest member fees check with joy each year. Literally! I am not financially affiliated in any manner. But I am just one very thankful member.

Greater peace of mind is on this road ... www.medicaljustice.com.

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