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Currently there are a few different suboxone options that I hear described from my patients across the US. They teach me many things.

"Dr. Schaller, you go into this office with eight other folks who look like they wish they were in hell, instead of in this office." Tom explains. "And the receptionist looks at you like you are a lizard."

Marisa reports, "I am coming to you because I have been to others and heard of the rest, and folks say you treat them well and with respect ... You also look for the underlying physical compulsion in people like me that help us to want to abuse substances like percocet and oxycodone. That is smart. Not merely looking at throwing someone on Suboxone, but doing a thorough evaluation for all the things that can be missed. One lady blew my mind when she said you found a toxic staph in her nose that had no symptoms -- she seemed just fine -- and it was dropping her endorphins. Wow. That is sure different."

So lets talk straight on what we do and how we treat patients.

  1. Anyone that thinks they are better than you is a naive arrogant fool. A few small genetic changes and a few different situations and they might be in your shoes.
  2. I think the AA-type treatments can be helpful, but as a doctor, part of my job is to help you with anything I have that can prevent relapse and to look for causes that have thrown your biochemistry out of joint. If you think you already know all the things that can ruin your biochemistry then you are God, and I am very pleased to meet you.
  3. I am not freaked by a relapse. I am bothered if you blow off my staff's calls and do not pay your bills. If you relapse, we will just see about a new start.
  4. You may have to suffer through some of my bad jokes. I promise some are funny. Just not often. We are serious about quality medical care, but we can have fun at the same time.
  5. You have the option of Detoxing off the suboxone at a time you choose. But it is not going to ever be mandated by me. I will treat you with suboxone as long as you follow my basic policies. You should know that most folks do find some underlying problems, we tune them up, and they wean off suboxone over seasons or years. But it is not something I will demand. I just want you to use a non-toxic pain med that is legal. OK?
  6. It is rare you will not be recommended some modest nutrients and other medications to help your brain and body heal. Like a suit or a dress, that is something we work out together as a team -- we tailor it to you.
  7. The DEA and the Federal Government want to have urine toxicology screens with some regularity. Lets look at your schedule and work out some frequency that is not too annoying. I will work with you.

To Comfortable and Fear-Free Living!

Dr. J

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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