Dr James Schaller
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Finger Circulation Problems:
Raynaud's, Clots, Rashes and Deterioration-Lyme?

Acute acral ischemia in all fingers possibly due to a Borrelia infection Acute interruption of circulation in the distal fingers can be both expression of an embolic event as well as the first manifestation of a vasculitis or collagenosis. The search for its cause is frequently difficult. In many cases a specialized analysis of the coagulation system as well as diagnostics such as ultrasound scan of the heart or a systematic antibody scanning do not reveal the origin of an embolus or the underlying disorder. On the basis of a case-report we would like to focus on a possible context between an infection of Borrelias stage III [advanced Lyme disease] and consecutive deterioration of peripheral arterial perfusion in the fingers. Besides Jo-1- and positive skeleton-muscle-antibodies there were no serological and clinical indications for an autoimmune disease. It was possible to avoid acral necrosis by means of an antibiotic, immunosuppressive and rheological therapeutic concept. We recommend controlling the borellia-antibody-level in cases of obscure threatening peripheral necrosis caused by arterial perfusion stop.

Bar H, Pohlmann G, Figulla HR. Vasa. 2000;29:279-81

[Underlined words and inserted words from Dr. Schaller]


Raynaud's observations are felt to be due to altered blood vessels under the skin. If blood does not reach the tips of fingers, toes, ears or the nose, these areas may become blue. It seems an underlying change in the blood vessels is put over the edge by cold or emotionally controlled body chemicals. Obviously, we have much to learn about this observed problem.

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