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Florida Medicine and Elections

A Malpractice Guide to Create Third World Medicine: a Voter's Guide to Lawyer Sleaze

40 million dollars from a small number of legal firms has been spent, hoping you are too stupid to see the bottom line.

  1. If you vote for the three strikes and the physician loses their license, guess what happens to doctors, the cream of the cream, considering moving here? Forget it! Guess what, also plan on losing all the Obstetricians, Trauma Surgeons and Neurosurgeons in your area. They get sued for every bad outcome, because the people coming to them are at very high risk for complications or death. So plan on long journeys to find someone to treat your emergency problem, and many will die from lack of treatment locally.


    The good news from the trial lawyers is the doctor will just refuse to treat you, if you have anything more than a very safe problem.

    It is called: AMENDMENT 8 or Public Protection from Repeated Medical Malpractice.

    The reality is doctors will protect themselves from a potential lawsuit. They will not lose 15-20 years or their career helping you. High-risk professions get sued constantly. Only a slimy malpractice attorney making tens of millions could think something this harmful up, in the hopes folks will not see through it.
  2. AMENDMENT 3 is simple. It puts the money in the pockets of the injured and ill, and not the rich trial lawyers. Why do injured people win and see the winning shrink after the lawyers are paid? You create third world medicine by making lawyers millionaires for attacking medicine. They become millionaires due to the massive verdicts, which are ultimately passed onto everyone, but also because they take so much of the winnings.

    If you feel that you have had enough of lawyer malpractice commercials and multimillionaire malpractice attorneys, Vote yes to AMENDMENT 3 -- The Medical Liability Claimant's Compensation Amendment

    It puts the money in your pocket! An injured claimant who enters into a contingency fee agreement with an attorney in a claim for medical liability is entitled to no less than 70% of the first $250,000.00 in all damages received by the claimant, and 90% of damages in excess of $250,000.00
  3. One solution to medical mistakes, increasingly due to doctors and nurses running around trying to do so much, is the ability to look honestly at a mistake and fix it. It people are going to look in your dirty hamper, you will fill it with clean cloths or clean them fast. Same with the medical field, they will just refuse to see, admit or report errors and circle the wagons. A lack of reflection hurts patients.

    AMENDMENT 7 Official Title: Patients' Right to Know About Adverse Medical Incidents

    Vote to see errors and soon errors will become invisible- never be fixed only hidden.

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