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Is Your Doctor Cutting Edge or a Dinosaur?

1) The Money Cult or Medical Care-Forget about having both. In other words, face reality and grow up.

We all want free care. But a physician is not your grandmother.

If you pick your physicians based on how much the co-pay costs or if they take your insurance, and you are able to afford other better doctors, you should probably just accept you worship money over your own life. You are merely undertaker fodder. Do not waste your time reading this web site.

I once had a Federal judge with an elderly idiot physician for a neighbor who would see his child for pennies and his service was worth just that -- pennies. He was in the original Flintstones hundreds of thousands of years ago. I told the judge that I would need to see the wild child monthly -- the barest minimum. He said he could not afford it. I told him I did not work with men that did not love their children and terminated him from my care.

Most of my patients are very financially successful or sacrifice for their children. I had a set of twins from the West Coast who came in for daily care -- basically in-patient work as out patients. I spent most of my free time for 1 year with these folks and put on hold thousands of hours of other work. The family seemed to think later I had no business but them, due to my immense sacrifice. I treat patients from 25 states and every continent and unfortunately can see only 10% of my referrals.

These twins arrived with mold balls in their sinuses, multiple near fatal addictions, fistfights, criminal activity, skin cancer in both, and so many medical problems it would fill five pages. Basically, the sort of disaster patients with so many complex problems, who see the world in black/white, good/bad and hate/like primitiveness, that one could make easier money doing regular patient care. At the end, their father, who refuses to pay for his other son's special cancer medication, decided I was too expensive. He makes thousands an hour, dropped out of high school and I invent cancer cures. I guess he wants his mammon to suckle in his coffin. Some talk a good game, but money is their god when things get real tight and they see it is a sacrifice for their loved ones. I guess that is why they call them, "loved ones." But dinosaurs do not care about personal care. They have many others cover their patients or increasingly use the ER as their after hours "coverage." If you do get them, they intentionally call back after a long wait and are annoyed if the call is over 5-10 minutes. You see they cannot bill for it.

2) Do You Get over 12 minutes in an Appointment?

The body is not simple and you should be told what is wrong and the options for treatment. All this assumes the doctor can look at your rash and identify it in 10 seconds. Only dermatology is usually this fast with little conversation.

3) Does Your Doctor Go to Non-Specialist Conferences? Or At Least Conferences Not Funded By Drug Companies?

Most physician dinosaurs get their medical education from journals controlled by Drug Company advertising money, with articles written by grant recipients of drug money. So guess what? Your doc is merely a mouthpiece for the pharmaceutical companies. So much for reflective and broad-minded medicine! When radical is considered anything other that cutting someone with the blade and offering drugs, then medicine is truly in the dinosaur's world. I am amazed how few doctors ever consider going to a conference outside their little fetish narrow world or specialty.

4) If your doctor's "preventive medicine" clique? Is it stuff you have known for the last ten years?

If the only prevention you hear is mammograms, PAP smears, prostate checks, cholesterol levels, and basic organ failure labs you should appreciate this is medicine with some legitimate purpose, but it is from the 70's.

5) Has your physician mentioned nutritional supplementation?

With we now have tens of thousands of articles on the merits of nutraceuticals and their deficiencies in patients of every age, if supplementation is mocked -- just run from the freaky dinosaur!

6) What Journals are in the Office?

Again, if the only medical journals sitting around are in the doctor's area of specialty, he or she is anal, narrow and so limited it is scary. Specialty journals are so narrow and intensely boring, it makes ones mind numb.

7) Insurance Staff or Research Staff and Purchases?

Your typical doc has 5-35,000 to spend on insurance processing staff or learning or leisure. Where does the money go?

8) Do They Publish?

My simple and very basic pediatrician talk on ADHD and wild behavior is 500 pages long. I once had a local elderly freak start lecturing me on why I was wrong. I resisted pointing out his interpersonal right brain deficits and sat amazed that this pompous fool actually felt he knew more than me, just because he was around the local swamp town for 30 years and was an old "insider." He actually had dinosaur spikes under his back.

He was correcting me on articles I had published in major international journals, and he had not written a poem in his entire life. So dinosaurs are often the preservers of old local alliances, the old school government agencies and the ruling medical guild. They refer to their golf friend, not who will do the best surgery or medical consult. Why? Because they do not care about you. They care about you are a token or object of "alliance capital" with another doctor. Is there anything sicker?

It is time for the freakish elderly dinosaurs to get out of the way. They can serve the folks who only care about cheap care.

To Your Health!

Dr. J

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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