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First, I should confess my bias is that Lyme alone almost never exists in a tick belly, and that lab probes to find Babesia, Bartonella and other serious infections in ticks are profoundly limited, as are the tests used in humans which have terrible sensitivity in clearly positive patients. These lab tests usually only test for one species when many tick infections harm humans.

Second, my bias is that many tick infections cause agitation, rage and violence in a small percentage of patients. All are in the brain, but I believe BARTONELLA is the most serious at causing psychiatric troubles including violence, assaults, manslaughter and impulsive murder. No one in the world knows how often Bartonella causes these actions, because no investment has been made to upgrade the technology to detect the many species that exist. In addition, I have the only major Bartonella textbook in ten years.



I took my son into my home and adopted him at the age of three. He had already been in psychiatric hospitals for violent behavior. Yale told me when he was four, that they had no doubt that when he got older he would kill someone, and they pressured me to put him a psychiatric facility.

He was placed in highly specialized schools, and the experts at these schools could not help him. He was expelled from one school after another. I took him to countless doctors and psychiatrists. He has been on many different meds (including for several years a cocktail of Lithobid, Tegretol, Abilify and Zyprexa) and many different diets and behavior plans.

One of these doctors was the author of the book, "The Bipolar Child," Dimitri Papolos. Dr. Papolos said that Nick was one of the most severe cases of pediatric bipolar he had ever seen. He has made the rounds of many hospitals such as Hall Brooke, Four Winds, Natcheaug, St Francis, Danbury, St Raphael's, White Plains, and Westchester. Some of these places he has been in three or more times. None of these facilities had been able to help him.

I could not even begin to count ER visits. The ER staff at Danbury Hospital knows me by name.

The treating psychiatrist at Four Winds Hospital told me that Nick was the worst case of pediatric bipolar she had ever seen, they could not help him, and after six admissions, they said they would never take Nick back.

The last time he was in Danbury Hospital he was taken there handcuffed in the back of a police car because he tried to kill someone with a knife. Although a child, he was placed in the adult unit and the social worker at Danbury Hospital tried for three weeks to find a pediatric placement, but could not find a single place that was willing to take him and he told me he was looking everywhere in the continental U.S.

I was told many times that Nick needed to be institutionalized. And I knew that meant for life. A life of daily physical and chemical restraints. Nothing and nobody seemed to be able to help this child.

Nothing could stop his homicidal and suicidal rages.

Until one brave doctor diagnosed Lyme disease.

And after a long and winding road, Nick is a completely different child.

Does Lyme cause mental illness and violent behavior?


There is absolutely NO other explanation for what happened to my son.

ALL his symptoms were psychiatric.

Nothing else can account for the complete transformation in his life.

Anyone anywhere who doubts that Lyme causes mental illness and violent behavior, including homicidal rages, need to listen to me.

There is absolutely, positively NO other explanation at all for the complete and profound change in my son.

The treating psychiatrist at Hall Brooke said it himself, (that is until he was pressured by "higher ups" to shut up), He said himself "it has to be the Lyme treatment, there is no other possible explanation for the change in Nick."

I have no medical background at all, I am an artist and art teacher. Therefore, I cannot begin to explain what happened to my son in any medical terms.

I am just the witness to what did happen.

Now is he unique? Of course not.

I suspect that there are many people out there who suffer from some degree of mental illness and/or Lyme rage and hide it and do not even speak about it in their own Lyme communities because of the stigma attached to it and because they are afraid of being outcasts.

Some may fear a link between their Lyme disease or other deer tick infections and mental illness or violent behavior, but I am not saying this is most Lyme patients. I am just saying Lyme enters the brain, and in some people causes serious personality troubles.

We need to be telling the world the truth about this illness and the other tick-borne illnesses. The truth is that it does cause mental illness, violent behavior, and yes sometimes extreme violent behavior.

Mother to a 15 year-old beautiful young man

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