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A New Creative Treatment for Headaches:
Success in Treating Severe Migraines

We're very pleased to announce the creation of a sublingual delivery form of a new special "medication."

This "medication" is involved with approximately 300 enzymes in the body, many body major systems, and has been used for many years to relax muscle spasms and to decrease brain damage.

This medication decreases the release of pain mediators, and decreases blood vessel spasms, muscle cramps and strains.

In many studies of the brain, if neurons are injured, the outcome will be much better if "the medication" is present in the brain. This medication acts like a protective buffer to the brain.

So what is the name of this medication?


Our research on magnesium includes very special tests that are far superior to routine blood levels. We scraped cells from inside the mouth from cells under the tongue. These were sent to a special lab for analysis. This very sensitive test showed how much magnesium is actually inside cells of the body and brain.

We found that every patient has extremely low magnesium. Our specialized lab test showed a deficiency not found in routine blood testing done by most physicians.

My point here: routine blood testing of magnesium is probably not an accurate test of the body's entire stores of magnesium. Why? Because blood will pull magnesium out from your cells throughout your body, to maintain a safe blood level. So your blood level can look fine, but actually your body cells are largely empty.

Currently, we have been treating individuals who have failed the twenty common migraine treatments offered by neurologists. These individuals have had various treatments: pain medications, Elavil, Pamelor or Prozac-like medications, trials of the many types of triptans like Imitrex or Maxalt, IV or injectable DHE and some anticonvulsants like Depakote and Topamax.

We also tried some special hormonal treatments as headache interventions. Neurologists do not understand them and even gynecologists, with their many surgeries and thousands of diagnosis to know, are not aware of many progressive natural bio-identical hormones. Both neurologists and gynecologists can lean too easily on information from pharmaceutical companies.

In regards to magnesium, we have found that neurologists and even expert nutritionists are typically unable to raise magnesium levels inside cells to high levels by oral supplementation. Some debate whether some magnesium supplements are better than others, and I do tend to prefer forms of magnesium that are bound to amino acids or chelated. However, I believe it is too long a process to use oral supplements to raise the entire body levels of magnesium inside every cell in the body, including the brain's many cells.

The problem is very simple. The intestinal track has limits on how much magnesium it will absorb -- even of the good forms. Once you reach that fairly low dose limit, you start having diarrhea. So magnesium supplements are a great treatment for constipation, but take far too long for severe migraine sufferers.

So What is the Solution?

First, we know that putting magnesium directly into the veins of a pregnant woman with premature uterine contractions stops these severe spasms. Also, some studies show that giving a gram or a 1000 mg of magnesium IV can decrease or end the severe pain of many migraine suffering in 15-60 minutes. In one study migraine patients were given 1 gram of magnesium IV 80% of the migraine sufferers had complete relief in 15 minutes! (Mauskop, Altura, Cracco & Altura)

Since IV treatment is usually not easy to do and IM shots are painful, we have designed 50 mg tiny tablets of magnesium to dissolve under the tongue like nitroglycerin, sending magnesium right into the veins. It also has 1 mg of manganese.

If you would like to get some of these sublingual magnesium tablets, you can have your doctor call within the USA at 610-363-7474. I have no relationship with this pharmacy other than creating new treatments together. I do not benefit financially from any purchase of these magnesium pills.

My best wishes for your health!

Dr. J


Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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