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Doctors Advised to Avoid Treating Pain with Opiates

Prompted by an ever-mounting list of physicians charged with over-prescribing opiate painkillers and the indictment of a Tucson physician in March, a Tucson-based medical association representing some 5,000 doctors has warned its colleagues not to prescribe opiates for pain relief and to take elaborate -- and expensive -- precautions if they do. On July 1, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (https://www.aapsonline.org), a free market-oriented group, sent out a memorandum titled "Advice to Doctors Re: Pain Management (or What the Government Has Taught Doctors)."

Source for full information is : www.cpmission.com/main/avoid.html

The problem ignorant government officials have in "ruling over" physicians is they have the wisdom of a salamander and not the wisdom of Solomon. These non-physicians suffer from a belief that doctor's will continue to live as masochists. They grossly underestimate the amount of communication going on among physicians. Many physicians increasingly could care less what entities like the DEA, FDA, State Boards or Media say about their peers. They perceive a large anti-physician bias and a perverse pleasure is sensationalism and fault finding. Because of so many years of serious and savage anti-physician forces ruling over doctors, now if one physician is hurt and accused unjustly performing procedure "X," you will find that many physicians will stop offering service "X." Any place or type of group which attacks physicians will eventually find they are unable to find care. People looking for a second lottery and who blame physicians for not being Gods and stopping all suffering, will be stunned to learn that one day they cannot find a real specialist.

"The price
of freedom is
constant vigilance."
Thomas Jefferson

The master specialist who can do the careful, delicate and serious medical work they need. And if the patient wants that they will have to go a great distance to get it--but they are past the point of being able to safely travel that distance and so they are in deep trouble.

The malpractice promoters with their slick talk of care and who take a massive part of the earnings, do not care you will have to drive hundreds of miles for routine OB check ups.

Here is how it really works. Physicians are in a place where the rules are changing, and they will simply stop providing a service that costs them emotionally and financially. If a doctor or their colleague is sued doing treatment "x," soon everyone will stop offering the service.

If doctor "y" is asked to explain why he prescribed OxyContin to a man with an inoperable rotting spine over 3 years, it will effect thousands of other physicians, due to the obviously silly 1/2 truths in the press or by aggressive word of mouth. Just remember intimidated physicians were the good boys and girls who always did their homework -- for about 30 years. And will avoid "bad" or "intimidating" situations with government Big Brother entities like the plague. The point?

If you want the option of having chronic pain medication to allow you to live a pain-free life, for you or your many loved ones, you already do not have access to that option, and that is the dirty little secret of pain medicine and state boards all over the USA.

State Boards and the DEA are OK with a few post-surgical oxycodones. That is why so many suffer after surgery with pitiful pain care. They are OK with morphine or fentanyl as you are dying from cancer, but nevertheless, studies show many are dying in pain of cancer. So even the areas which are most acceptable to state medical boards has caused a limitation in pain medication.

Now as to the issue of non-cancerous chronic pain, the world health organization, says it is recommended that physicians offer opioids for moderate pain so people can have a full life and be pain free. Of course over years, individuals will need to increase the dose as their disease worsens, e.g., spinal arthritis, but this is not a problem for the world health organization or any pain society in the free world.

But American insurance companies, DEA agents, the FDA, and so called "addictionologist" crusaders, do not want you using expensive and even moderately high doses of opioids which may allow you to be fully alert and pain free for decades. They want you to have high risk surgery and to receive aggressive interventional spine treatments. True, some of these work wonderfully. Surgeons and other spine experts should be praised for adding these options to pain and joint treatment. Yet the choice should be yours.

The choice should not be from some government official controlling physicians by acting as the bouncer of the DEA, an annoyed nurse or pharmacist, or an insurance company that does not want to pay for expensive long-term opioids. Studies show that medical state board attorneys and physicians are very behind the latest medical realities in chronic pain. If they honestly want us to limit suffering, they must stop savagely biting the medical hand that saves lives by stopping chronic pain.

And if they think a rushed family doctor or internist is going to spend extra time filling out paperwork for pain medication they are being presumptuous. Some articles and interviews tell me family docs and internists do not have time to go to the bathroom, let alone do more documentation. So the will not want to touch chronic pain. Government attorneys and state board physicians hate extra paperwork as much as any person. These government entities ignore the fact my colleagues already drown in it almost daily.

To a pain-free life!


Dr. J

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