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Chronic Disease Prevention: Keeping a Healthy Life

What is more important to spend time on: your hair, car, garden, computer, boat, business ... or health?

  1. General Principle -- Free Radicals

    Cells have fireplaces called "mitochondria" which are the source of body energy, and send off sparks that damage the body and promote all illness.

    A major treatment to lessen the damage of these sparks is a potent mineral and vitamin supplement. Do not use one hobby nutrient like mere Vitamin E or C, since that is like using one finger to pick up a suitcase. The body uses many spark catchers.

    Many "name brand" multi-vitamins taken one per day are generally junk ingredients, made under tons of pressure, and might be useless.

    RDA -- suggests low doses designed to prevent scurvy or other deficiency diseases, but these are not optimal doses. As we age, we absorb nutrients less. If you are conservative religiously or politically, be careful about extending this and embracing obsolete medicine.

    Options -- wholesale options from my website or look at options at specialty supplement stores like Nature's Garden. Any multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement that is under 10 dollars is usually poorly absorbed and has poor potency. Better to buy a better supplement and stretch them out.

  2. Heart Attacks and Strokes -- oxygen does not get to heart or brain.

    Homocysteine -- associated with higher death risk. Typically decreased by a simple B Complex vitamin. Blood levels should be under nine.

    Sticky Cholesterol -- regular cholesterol testing is limited. We need some cholesterol to make hormones. Lipoprotein (a) is far more dangerous than LDL and is "blood glue."

    Inflammation -- increases heart attacks

    Narrow vessels -- Natural Testosterone at 35 y/o levels help keep heart vessels open.

    Blood Labs to have checked:

    • Homocysteine
    • Lipoprotien (a)
    • C-reactive Protein (Cardiac/Sensitive)
    • Fibrinogin -- a blood clotting agent
    • Free Testosterone -- both sexes

    Omega 3 fish oils appear to decrease blood vessel risks, inflammation and reduce triglycerides.

  3. Cancer -- normal cells become abnormal and spread.

    Natural Killer Cells -- your own immune cells which kill cancer. All major labs can measure their number, yet it is rarely tested.

    General -- we are all exposed to cancer promoting chemicals and metals. EPA study of human fat shows all those tested had serious cancer agents in their fat.

    Many of these chemicals act as toxic estrogens binding to prostate, breast and uterus tissue.

    Moderate Plant estrogens are protective -- soy, red clover, garbanzo beans, humus, broccoli, cabbage, radishes, cauliflower, kale, collard greens, etc.. These either reduce the rate or intensity of some cancers.

    Reduce exposure to herbicides, insecticides, fumes and optional non-essential plastics

    DIM or Indoplex -- a special nutrient derived from vegetables which converts a cancerous fat estrogen to a safe estrogen in both men and women.

    Prostate Cancer -- surgery is not prevention. Having no cancer is prevention. Selenium 200 microgram/day and Natural Vitamin E 400 IU's. Get both PSA level and digital exam.

    Breast Cancer -- common patented synthetic HRT with powerful synthetic estrogens and synthetic progestins may cause cancer.

    *Natural progesterone decreases an estrogen cancer promoter.

    *Estriol or pregnancy estrogen may decrease this risk.

  4. Autoimmune Illness -- Why are you getting this? Consider exploring possible causes why the body is attacking itself.

    Charcoal water filters and charcoal/HEPA air filters to decrease allergy load. If well water, use Doctor's Data to check a sample for metals (800 323 2784).

    If had chemo, taken medications regularly for years, or had exposure to chemicals, fumes, molds consider glutathione sublingual to replace liver stores. Glutathione used by liver to remove many substances.

  5. Adult Onset Diabetes -- If you have a belly of 40 inches for a man and 35 inches for a woman by tape measure, plan to get diabetes. Call Dr. Cederquist, our local Naples weight expert, this week.

  6. Joint Degeneration -- If pain you will move less which increases all major illness and death.

    *SAMe orally can help joints. We have new delivery mechanism.

    *Glucosamine sulfate

    *Chondroitin sulfate

    *Natural bio-identical progesterone and natural testosterone grow bone. Estrogen merely prevents bone loss.

  7. Alcohol -- four drinks/day dissolves brain tissue.

  8. Accidents -- assume other drivers are insane and anticipate errors, sudden stops and sudden turns. Leave "exits" around you.

    1. Side airbags are very important -- do you really trust 5 inches of hollow metal to stop a pickup going 40 mph?
    2. Seat belts are mandatory unless you can lift 3,000 pounds.
    3. Hand held cell phones and a moving car is worse than driving after four beers. Pull over or wait for red light.
    4. Awareness of a "driving nap" often happens after a nap starts. If you are a sleepy driver consider pulling over immediately for a nap. Or take CoQ10 or Provigil while figuring out the cause. Coffee is OK for the short term but is merely a Band-Aid. Get a fast evaluation with your family doctor or sleep expert.

    *If you snore you may be getting low on oxygen as you "sleep."

    *If your legs move or are restless as you sleep, it may be restless leg syndrome that prevents good restful sleep. See a sleep consultant. My website has a list of twenty-one causes of restless leg syndrome.

  9. Medication Interactions -- do not assume physicians are checking or know them all. No one can know them all. Consider getting your own book(s).
  10. Depression -- 100 % success is the only option, not the 70% commonly found in national community studies. Five minute rating scales catch the last 30%. Depression makes a Ritz Carlton dinner or a golf eagle unsatisfying and boring. You are more irritable.

    I have 25 evidences of biological depression on my website. We are not talking of a bad day or week. People cannot "pull themselves up by their bootstraps."

    According to the World Health Organization it occurs in 1/5 women and 1/10 men with a death rate of 15%. It increases heart attacks. And heart attacks and strokes cause biological depression.

  11. Antibiotics -- They can save lives acutely, but can remove pounds of required good intestinal bacteria needed for nutrient absorption, the breakdown of toxins, breaking down food to allow the gut lining to eat, etc. Put back mandatory good bacteria that are killed, by taking probiotics. Yogurt bacteria go through you and do not colonize along the intestinal wall.

    You can get both probiotics and nutrients at Natures Garden (on Route 41). My website also offers them wholesale.

  12. Smoking -- has 200 toxins and requires specialized help. A patch, a piece of gum or a Zyban script are usually not successful. They are certainly better than nothing, but often inadequate. We offer personalized treatment with many options.

    Inhaled or foggy nebulized glutathione may help lung disease like COPD according to some nutritional clinicians like Jonathan Wright, MD.


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