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Americans pay outrageous prices for prescription medications because of a flawed and antiquated regulatory system.

Drug companies generate billions of dollars of profits every year. A portion of these profits are used to buy political influence at all levels of government. The result is a quasi-monopoly that protects drug company profits at the expense of the consumer.

The only way to stop the spiraling increase in prescription drug prices is for the citizenry to organize and petition Congress to amend the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

We propose to change the law in a way that creates a free market environment, where the price of medications would plummet to affordable levels. Prescription drugs are overpriced because of bad laws. These laws can be changed if enough people contact their Congressional representatives. Our objective is to mobilize millions of American citizens into a cohesive army that will force Congress to change the law so that a free market can emerge to obliterate the high cost of prescription drugs.

It costs nothing to register with our organization. When proposed legislation is drafted, you will be informed and asked to contact your Congressional representative to support it. You can register with Consumers Against High Drug Prices by clicking here. If you do not have a computer, you can join our group by sending your name and address to:

Consumers Against High Drug Prices
P.O. Box 13166
Silver Spring, MD 29011-3166

The FDA and pharmaceutical giants hope that Americans will remain apathetic and allow the economic plunder to continue. Please stand up for your rights by enrolling in this program so that we can attempt to avert the looming health care cost crisis that is a threat to us all. Let others know about this web site so they too can join us.

Click here to register as an advocate against high drug prices

Source: www.stopfda.org


Dr. Schaller neither supports nor opposes this material above. All Readers are invited to go to the FDA web site for another perspective on this material. Dr. Schaller is not able to check the accuracy of any comment.

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