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Babesia and Bartonella: Serious Medicine or Casual Testing?

Profound Obesity or Excess Weight — Babesia

One of the sad realities is that many patients seen by "Lyme physicians," who have not read more than a sampling of articles, and hardly updated books and thousands of articles, feel just fine ignoring BLINDED OUTCOME TESTING using direct and indirect testing for Babesia and Bartonella's presence by tools found in solid PubMed research articles. I understand physicians, and certainly not journalists or the media; do not have the time to read 1500-2,000 articles or the degrees to do testing at many labs to catch the causes of so many treatment failures. Yet, I am tired of inheriting patients who are treated with IVs forever simply stay in a fair medical place. Who has time to study vast piles of solid research articles on these parallel common infections with so many nurses, PA's and with such large patient numbers to pay their huge overhead.

One of the sad realities is that many patients seen by "Lyme physicians," who I have only asked to have healers to consider that things like Babesia cause morbid obesity, or at least excess weight. Many patients are stunned, after years of dangerous excess weight to see the pounds lost after the old flawed dosing of Mepron 750 mg 2x per day, used since 14 years ago based on no long term follow up or advanced detection methods, which is now available to be assessed by better detection options. In addition, the use of the rejected artemesinin is replaced with real cure treatments, and not mere infection reduction treatments. Why this is still prescribed when so many problems exist with it is beyond words. Perhaps because it is a weak and supposed safe option able to be sold as a weak nutrient herb easily.

One of the sad realities is that many patients seen by "Lyme physicians," who The current Babesia motto seems to be, if the treatment is broke, stay with it-an IV forever. Moreover, what was done five or ten years ago, is what we do forever. The IV may help some folks, but let us be real, after twenty years, more is going on than the old knowledge that spirochetes can make biofilms-did no one ever read the basic dental plaque spirochete research on this until the past two years? And what is proposed to fix the new cause of failure is only a small set of options. Are "biofilms" really the Holy Grail for routine treatment TBD failure or leveled off "Lyme disease" benefits? Lyme alone is a 1970's worldview. I wish it were true, but it is not and it is a shame folks are not keeping up with treatments that do not relapse or return them to some degree of trouble at some future time. Sometimes it is only Bartonella personality disorders, but that ruins their life.

One of the sad realities is that many patients seen by "Lyme physicians," who If you want actually see a physician for an extended time, we might be able to help you. We use no MD extenders, which allow help to more people, but is not personal enough for our style. We feel in al of medicine people want to see their physician and for a good amount of time. We also do not start quickly with IV treatment. What is significantly new in that area in the last ten years? Has it stopped treatment failures?


Bartonella, Babesia, Indoor Mold and Obesity

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