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Advanced Autism & PDD Topics
Part 3

Can Autism or Aspergers be Misdiagnosed as Lyme disease?

One of the first issues is how frequent Lyme disease is in the USA and how often is it found to cross the placenta.

First, all agree Lyme is at least ten times more frequent than it is diagnosed, and one study says it is reported in 1/40 patients. All agree it is the top vector illness in the USA.

Second, the Lyme Times will be publishing some material on "gestational Lyme" around late 2005. My experience is that Lyme does not routinely cross the placenta, but it is possible. I do not know the frequency. Perhaps in 1/10 pregnancies, but that is a guess.

Third, early exposure is under-estimated. Last month I was in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, two of the Lyme disaster states. I was visiting a number of relatives and friends. Four had children under three and all were getting routine Lyme exposures. How?

  • One home had a pat dog and a pet cat that occasionally went outside. I saw the two year old playing with both animals. Many insects and animals carry Lyme, but perhaps most by the poppy seed sized deer tick. I have never been able to see a deer tick. Touching an animal once is all it takes. Once.
  • In another home, the mother went walking outside under the pine trees an hour a day with her eight-month-old infant. *One home in New Jersey had their twins out in the grass in the back yard. The tiny crawling toddlers are primed for exposure.
  • In a final example, Little Amy is the love of an upper New York family. Her brother has a nice tree fort, and when he comes in for diner, he loves to look in on his new sister, who is five months old. Last month, her Uncle say a deer tick on the floor under her crib. Perhaps it was from her brother's exposure?


Lyme is in the brain in ten days. And from that point it can cause all neurological disorders. Period. I have seen patients with clear positive "finger-print bands" on a Western Blot with Autism, Aspergers and PDD. [See my article on reading Western Blots by Dr. Jones criteria -- he has 7,000 Lyme child patients in Connecticut.]

When these Lyme positive patients go to see so-called "autism experts" with their fair treatments, many show a massive ignorance on this subject. One would think that with their impotent solutions, they would be a little slower to dismiss, and show a willingness to learn the newest 2005 research and materials. The vast majority of autism "experts" are only open to considering their poor treatment options, and are unwilling to consider Lyme as a possible cause or that Lyme can cause further damage to brain tissue.

Dedicated to Loving Parents,

Dr. J

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