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Advanced Autism Care & Care For
Troubled Children and Youth
Part 1

I have yet to see one national "Autism" expert order an MSH level on a child. This hormone is far more important than mere skin coloring and has many roles in the body, including neuron health.

MSH or alpha Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone

Perhaps one of the most serious blind spots in current medical practice is an ignorance of the massive role that MSH plays in the body. It is a major controlling hormone involved in possibly twenty functions, and if it is low, a child, teacher or parent could have any one of fifty different problems. It is not an optional lab, and I feel it should be part of an average medical work-up in all Americans. It is just that serious a hormone. The most common cause of a very low MSH is exposure to mold toxins. If it is below 35 according to LabCorp ranges, it is low. And many youth with mold exposure can have less then 20. Lyme toxins and severe inflammation can also reduce MSH levels. You might recall from high school biology that this hormone is involved in skin color. Now we know it has many serious roles in the body. In fact, so many pharmaceutical companies around the world are seeing the many roles for this hormone, that they are scrambling to make it in a slightly altered form so they can patent it. They expect to make a fortune.

So what do all these many drug companies know? What roles does MSH have besides tanning and skin color?

MSH's Expanded Roles: A Small Sample

MSH has many roles, but a low MSH does not mean a child will have all the problems listed.

Memory and Learning: If your son or daughter or you have a low MSH then they will have a harder time recalling class work If your memory drops, you cannot retain learn as well as normal Such a child with a low MSH will seem forgetful and appear to be a fair student.

I wonder how many children across America receive special education because of a reduced MSH? Since this is still not normative medicine we do not know yet. But it appears quite common in our patients with mold or Lyme.

Attention will fall in children or adults as MSH drops. I have repeatedly had patients called "ADHD" or "ADD" but this problem often started after they were ten years old. ADHD and ADD do not suddenly start in adolescence!

While true ADD or ADHD exists, most child experts are not aware of the role mold plays in creating behaviors that look like these disorders. Many young children lose this problem when their moldy home or school was fixed. In this case, we would say they had "secondary" ADD or ADHD. The parent, teacher or pediatrician was not hallucinating. The child was more than just "being a boy." This was more than "ants in the pants." It was from a mold toxin and not from genetics or an intra-uterine exposure or injury as in primary ADD or ADHD.

Obesity (or Too Thin): Typically children and adults with a low MSH gain weight. Often they gain a significant amount of weight. Perhaps some people try to feel better by eating. But others gain weight with only moderate eating. Commonly, people with low MSH have their weight drift higher and higher. Diets may have some effect, but people do not get what they put into the diet. They lose five pounds instead of fifteen. A small minority struggles to maintain their body fat, and start to look waif-like. Some of these seem to have a lean body type with long arms. Or it may be that they exercise massive amounts, perhaps to create natural opioids to feel better.

Pain Relief: MSH encourages production of your natural opioids. If your MSH is low, you will feel aches and pains more often. Some youth complain of headaches. Others report joint pain, which is often called "growth pains." Further, you may be more inclined to do addictive, impulsive or pleasurable behaviors, in an effort to feel "normal" or "right" again. These addictive behaviors are very diverse. Low MSH promotes alcoholism, illegal drug use, binge eating, sexual experimentation, impulsive exercise, intense work, speed driving, thrill seeking actions, pornography addiction, and rage. With binge work, a person does not want to stop working; because once they stop they do not feel "right." Impulsive activity, even if it is constructive, may create a small amount of natural pain killing chemicals. And patients with rage may feel briefly "better" after a "blow-up" for a similar reason.

Flat or Bored Mood: Having an MSH deficiency can reduce your joy. A person can be left with a malaise that is often different than a typical depression.

Decreased Coping Ability: Low MSH makes it hard for body organs and the brain to handle stresses, e.g., personal stresses or toxin exposures.

Energy Changes: In our experience some patients with low MSH have increased fatigue and are listless. Some are agitated with fatigue at the same time.

Appetite Changes: Lows can cause both extremes in eating. People can eat a great deal or lose their appetite. And this can change. One season a person eats excessively and then loses their appetite, and vice versa.

Sleep Changes: either extreme is possible with low MSH. One can have very fragmented and poor sleep, with only 4-6 hours of sleep. And others want to sleep all the time.

Testing MSH

Please do not go to just any laboratory. Dr. R. Shoemaker has found that LabCorp offers the most meaningful clinical results. I found the same thing. If you want a doctor to order a test for you, you will need to have all the material in this chapter in hand. And you will particularly need the material below, which lists the test code, and the name of the special kit the blood goes into immediately. LabCorp patient locations can be found on the Internet by searching "LabCorp Patient Locations" or going to: www.labcorp.com.

If you would prefer to talk to a representative call:
Regional/National Toll-free Telephone 800-877-5227
Direct Customer Service Telephone 800-877-3818

The Special LabCorp MSH Test Name & Code is: alpha MSH 012542

Please make sure the lab has a special test kit in stock before you go--the Trasylol kit.

To Your Child's Health,

Dr. J

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