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Arsenic's Effect on Insulin and Weight

Pam was a very obese female woman in her fifties. She had a 52-inch waist and joint problems due to her weight. After she failed many treatments, I wondered if she had metals that might be interfering with her insulin function or with the functioning of her mitochondria (the energy furnaces of the bodies cells).

She was given glutathione because of occupational exposures suspected from her job. Pam was then sent to the lab, and one of her labs was a urine test for heavy metals.

She was found to have arsenic at four times the level found in someone with regular occupational exposure to this metal.

Pam's experience shows what we report elsewhere, that glutathione removes arsenic more than it removes other common metals. It also shows that arsenic undermines weight loss.

Pam's experience is not surprising, to anyone who has researched the role of arsenic on metabolism. For example, in Taiwan, areas which have high arsenic exposure, have many people with diabetes. Diabetes is often a result of insulin not functioning properly at the gateway of cells, in which cells do not allow insulin proper access. The result is abdominal obesity, and the pancreas begins to make more and more insulin, to try and force insulin to fully effect cells. Over time, the pancreas burns out.

Other studies show that arsenic prevents the mitochondria from functioning properly.

In conclusion, individuals who fail at losing weight, should consider that heavy metals might be undermining their attempts at weight loss. They should look to a wide range of sources for their having metal--including an Internet search for sources if they test positive. A pulverized form of Chlorella can remove most metals. Specifically, the form I use is called NDF. There is an article on this web site under "environmental toxins" which describes its use. Further, when using any chelating agent, one should be on a well-balanced nutraceutical. One high-quality form that is very cost-effective can be found or this web site under "wholesale nutrients." The reason one should take a well-balanced nutrient, is that any chelating agent will bind some essential minerals also.

Wishing You Peace and Health!

Dr. James S.

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