Dr James Schaller
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A Newly Invented, Unique Antidepressant

Dr. James Schaller announced today the patent for a new unique antidepressant. His antidepressant has little in common with any of the current medications currently approved by the FDA, and represents a unique type of medication.

It has three modes of action, fighting depression in three neurotransmitter systems, and effecting serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine.

It is a modification of a bio-identical human chemical and is not expected to be associated with liver injury, renal metabolite strain or blood abnormalities. Further, the expectation of an increased seizure incidence, common to all antidepressants, is unlikely.

While increased pulse is possible with overdoses, there is no expectation of QTc abnormalities, which require EKG’s in some psychotropics.

It has no evidence or signs of weight gain.

Also, the sexual dysfunction problems, which plague almost every antidepressant, are not expected to be present in this new antidepressant.

Most impressive, is this antidepressant has very strong cartilage protection features. This is significant since degeneration of body cartilage is common in the very large aging population around the world, and it may also be protective for those engaged in aggressive athletics.

A physician James Schaller, a research psychopharmacologist, in collaboration with research pharmacists over the span of three years, designed this highly innovative antidepressant invention.

Currently, those with a serious financial interest in purchasing the patent should contact:

James Schaller, MD, MAR, PA
Community Bank Tower
Suite 305
5150 Tamiami Trial N
Naples, Florida 34103

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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