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Can Dangerous ALS
Sometimes Be Aggressive Lyme?

"Do not let either the medical authorities or the politicians mislead you. Find out what the facts are, and make your own decisions about how to live a happy life and how to work for a better world." – Linus Pauling

Dr. Dave Martz was a practicing internist, and even a Past President of the Colorado Medical Society, when life suddenly changed. He was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). In 2003, Dr. Martz had weakness and pain in his muscles, soon lost his ability to function, and had to retire.

Eventually, he sought a consult with Dr. Gregory Bach in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Dr. Bach is an unusual physician. Despite the fact he has been politically and savagely abused, tortured and harassed by State Officials who will be left unnamed for now, and they have taken massive amounts of money from him in legal defense, he has stood strong in his belief that Lyme is not rare, and is certainly not detected in useless trash labs. Specifically the cheap ones used by 95% of sincerely wrong internists, family doctors, neurologists, pediatricians and especially infectious disease doctors. I say sincerely wrong because these small-minded know-it-all mockers have severely damaged many relatives, friends, and patients, most of who are from the deer infested counties around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Bach has suggested for years that some serious neurological diseases are actually Lyme. And one major book on the topic in Neurology, by Louis Riek, MD, seems to say as much. Bach's special IgeneX Tick labs and clinical evaluation, made him think the Dr. Martz's ALS could actually be Lyme.

What is the bottom line on his treatment? Dr. Martz has improved so much with antibiotics and other Lyme treatments that he has already recovered about 80%, and plans to resume medicine treating Chronic Lyme.


It is very common to see physicians learning the so-called "experts" on Lyme and other Tick infections are worthless, and start learning about better testing and better treatment. Why? Because everyone tells them that they or their loved one is "fine" or offers some useless label. They are not fine and the doctors become furious when they realize the delay in treatment could have caused damage that is not reversible. I personally had relatives almost die! Sometimes the diagnosis is made after death.

And the Ivy League anal Infectious disease folks as a rule are beyond useless, and have evaluated folks with clear Lyme, told them they are fine, and then did nothing over the coming years as all sorts of medical things developed slowly. Since Lyme is the "Great Pretender" according to Columbia's Dr. Brian Fallon, the symptoms can be literally any psychiatric, interpersonal, learning or physical problem. Anything!

I have even seen physicians with the insight of a bowling bowl, tell me that I was wrong about saying Mrs. Jones had Lyme, and because of their terrible interview they did not learn that the pet dog and two neighbors had documented Lyme, and while they jabber on, I can pick up cognitive and interpersonal Lyme signs in the doctor as they are talking! Unbelievable.

On the Today Show, a friend mentioned that only 1 in 10 or perhaps as many as 1 in 20 Lyme cases are diagnosed. Very few are reported to State Agencies since they attack Lyme experts. Perhaps because they cost the insurance companies money and insurance companies and their little snail-minded Utilization Reviewers, know how to use State Boards to be their precious Gestapo agents. Or local physicians who could not help a CHRONIC Lyme patient tie a shoelace, become angered at docs who have done massive research on Lyme, and are being known as "Lyme experts."

And since arrogant expert prostitute witnesses and State Boards, like the one's in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York, hate to allow patient's the liberty to live in a free state and pick their doctors, they decide to model 1970's Russia and take out the Lyme doctor or someone kindly treating chronic pain. They could care less about the free and careful choice of hundreds of informed patients who want to be treated by Dr. Smith. These patients feel they are massively sicker going to folks who are clueless about Lyme. Many Board officials in some states actually mock the protests of patients losing their doctors. Sick.

And who are these medicine gods deciding on what is wise medicine? Doctors? No! They are attorneys, and some of the most incompetent you can imagine. And often the Board doctors who might eventually see some facts about the case are surgeons—those used to cut and dry medicine. You cut here and stitch there. They are the gifted mechanics of the body. But Cognitive medicine is not that way at all.

So you think America is free? Medicine is not your free choice any more. Medicine and prescriptions are now controlled by the DEA, State Gestapo Boards and the FDA, who have violently and aggressively decided to legally control clinicians with 5x their ability and empathy. Have a rotting spine that no surgery can fix or deep injection will help? Good luck finding a pain doctor. Currently, we know there are at least 250,000 NEWLY infected Lyme patients every year. Good luck finding a doctor who actually has a clue. Save your airplane points, you may have to fly to another state, or perhaps Russia or China to find a doctor allowed to treat you fully. I am only partly joking. Many of my patients come for dozens of different illnesses, and come from many different states.

To True Freedom! Where We are Treated Like Adults & Not Children in Our Medical Care Choices.

Dr. J

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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