Dr James Schaller
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The Lyme Times has become one of the major tools to meet the needs of very different readers. It offers insights into diagnosis, new treatments, the personal accounts of sincere folks with Lyme, new research, and dozens of other data to help you. Rarely can you get a Porsche for a few dollars. And if you or a loved one have Lyme or might have Lyme, this publication is like going to McDonalds and getting Prime Rib and Lobster Tales for three dollars. The editorial staff and the contributions are amazing and you only do yourself a favor by learning from their material. Every issue serves in literally 25 different ways. Enclosed is a sample back issue.

See Lyme Times, Number 34, Fall/Winter 2002/2003 (Acrobat/PDF file)

My deepest respect and admiration to the leaders of the LymeTime.org staff.

Dr. J

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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