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  • Dr. Schaller will defer to your family doctor or other physicians the responsibility of writing any prescriptions for you.
  • All Dr. Schaller's suggestions and ideas will be under the supervision of your current physician(s) who will provide your care. Dr. Schaller is merely offering free medical ideas to discuss with your licensed health care practitioners.
  • Dr. Schaller has many medical interests. Perhaps because in his specialty hundreds of things effect the brain. However, just because he writes an article, journal publication or book does not mean he claims to be an expert in that topic. In keeping with the spirit of Florida law on advertising, he prefers to claim the opposite of expertise. Specifically, he does not claim to be an expert in any area or topic of medicine. If you feel he is worthy of your time and respect, that is your decision, not his claim.
  • Dr. Schaller offers conservative and progressive medicine. If you believe FDA approved drugs should only be used for FDA approved uses, please leave this site immediately, since this site talks about many off label ideas, and you can find plenty of physicians to provide this limited and conservative type of medicine.
  • Much in medicine is not simple in clinical practice. Research is sometimes years behind clinical challenges. His articles might suggest "off-label" uses of FDA approved drugs. This is common in medicine and means a drug approved for one diagnosis is used for a different diagnosis. If you simply want conservative traditional "on label" medication and surgery medicine, this site will be a waste of your time. Please simply see conservative physicians for your information.
  • Dr. Schaller's materials may discuss usages and dosages for therapeutic products that have not been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. He defers his ideas for discussion with your physicians.
  • He will never promise his care is the "standard of care in medicine." People use this expression in many ways:
    1. The "perfect" standard of care by physicians who are professional witnesses.
    2. The care of busy doctors with conservative approaches.
    3. Research doctors with conservative approaches.
    4. Physicians with little time to study outside their basic training.
    5. What most physicians would do.
    6. Since physicians are divided on integrative or alternative medicine, its use as a "standard" is unclear to Dr. Schaller.
    7. What some small group of individuals report is the "correct" treatment for an illness. Historically and currently, such self-appointed authority groups have made errors, have clear signs of bias, and offer suggestions often utterly useless in highly special clinical medicine. The unique body of each human has to have a tailored treatment, not merely be treated based on filtered studies that exclude average patients with more than one problem.
  • Dr. Schaller will share what types of care are available that may benefit you. He may offer specific treatment for your problems. You can then discuss these options with your personal physician.
  • Unfortunately, if you have sued a physician in the last 20 years, or filed any complaints with any agency against a physician, or if an immediate family member has filed suit with any court or agency against a doctor in the past fifteen years, you are asked to leave this site. If you are a plaintiff attorney who sues physicians, Dr. Schaller asks you to please leave this free site. Physicians do make errors, but malpractice claims and other government agencies have destroyed medicine.
  • You are over 18 years old, or your legal guardian fully accepts the risk of reading Dr. Schaller's web site.
  • You are fully fluent in the English language. Dr. Schaller does not want you to misunderstand any medical articles.
  • Again, Dr. Schaller does not claim to be "an expert" in anything. While in courts, he has been accepted as an expert witness, he has not mastered the vastness of possibilities surrounding any single issue. He tries to pursue aggressive education and publishes in medical, psychiatric, hormonal and nutritional areas and in various medical journals and newspapers. But there is much he does not know. Therefore, he makes no claim at expertise. He will merely try to assist you. Please talk over any articles on this site with your current physician(s).
  • Please consult your doctor before you use any therapeutic products discussed, either prescription medications or over-the-counter treatments.
  • Your doctor should verify fully all information and data before treating you or employing any therapies described on this web site.

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