Florida Lawyer

For many years doctors looked at me like I was crazy. They were outside their knowledge base.

Dr. J, your treatment and care works. I have experience with being treated under other "guidelines" and they did not help me.

However, under your care, I have regained almost all of my health. When you started treating me I could barely do anything and could not work. Now, I have completed law school and began my practice, working at least 55 hours a week, I'm working out and have gained almost 40 lbs. of muscle, and I feel great; I'm almost cured. No one see's anything wrong with me.

More than a Doctor!

This is how I feel about Dr. Schaller and what he has done for me. I do not talk to him like a person I see for five minutes. Here is an example from my recent email exchange about my upcoming appointment: I'm just overall SUPER excited to tell you and show you my improvement! Although I'll be in Florida for my uncle's wedding, my appointment with you is just as exciting for me; I can't wait for you to see how much better I am and thank you in person for everything you've done this past year. (My whole family actually wishes that they could do the same, but you'll just have to take my word for it!) You've saved my life! I never would of dreamed that only a year later I would have made such progression and have my HOPE regained once again! I know you hear it all the time from patients, but because of YOU I am able to once again contribute to this world, believe in myself, see a future filled with hope, and most importantly - be the mother to my son that I once was. Recently my 11 yr old - Trent- told me just that and said he can't wait to do things together like we "used to." I'm afraid to imagine what my life would be like now if not for the serendipity of finding you."I know he sounds "too good to be true," but I am a living testimony to the man's skills. ALL doctors should operate the way Dr.J does: listen to their patients and more than just 5-20 minutes, treat each patient and their illness on an individual level AND be available to their patients 24/7.

Outstanding physician gives compassionate cutting edge care Mar 22nd, 2012

Dr. Schaller is extremely knowlegable in his field and was the first doctor of many to accurately diagnose and treat my conditions. I would and have recommended him to many. I have since taken 2 of my 4 ill children to see him, and hope to get my other 2 to see him in the future. He listens, takes time with you, and does an appropriate work up. He emphasizes patient education and safety. Dr. Schaller was the first doctor to address my depression and chronic pain, as well as ordering other treatments, some very innovative, for symptom management and comfort. I bless him every day for his compassion and thoughtfulness. He has given my family hope for healing and a brighter future.

Dr. Schaller is My Guardian Angel

Hi Dr J, I just to let you know I gave thanks for having you as my guardian angel. Thanks for being there to talk to whether I paid or not.... Sometimes I feel like I could be my own doctor somewhat. It is nice to have your real help and concern many seasons after our last session. Simply, no physician has one treated me like you. Thanks to you for teaching me how to be an educated patient. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with you. I would probably be dead by now if not for you. That you were seriously suspicious and nagged nicely, and your routine follow up made me realize this is not casual. I am not trying to give you a big head (ha,ha) but you truly are the best. Love always, Ms. Daniel, Maryland

My son has been diagnosed with ADHD and depression, allergies, oppositional defiant disorder and we had seen many doctors and alternative care practitioners. Although we tried many different medications we continued to see little or no improvement, until we saw Dr. Schaller. I have found him to be caring, honest and committed to helping my son get better. I have seen definite and continuing improvement in just a couple of months and we are excited to continue this journey.

Thank you and many blessings to Dr. J.

After YEARS of being treated for other medical problems on top of having stealth emerging infections which we did not know, doctors kept telling me it is because of your medical problems, there isn't much we can do, I am not sure why etc.

Not even trying to go outside the box just in case it was something else. So we started going outside the box and found Dr Schaller who saw us IMMEDIATELY without even knowing my medical history background.

He has been treating me for about 7 months now and there is a BIG improvement.

I went from not living at all & having no life to living again. I still have a long way to go but feel that his knowledge and helpfulness will get me where I need to be which is to live again!

I sit and enjoy watching my children laugh, talk and study together. I appreciate every second.

This is a beautiful gift that once was lost. The sounds of their laughter and joy were once taken, until we were lead to Dr. James Schaller.

"Dr. J" is brilliant, compassionate and understanding. I thank God he has been gifted with his talents and the ability to set up his practice in a unique way. He is able to keep up on the latest research and in turn is able to provide his patients the best care. He truly cares and desires for his patients to be as comfortable as possible always looking for solutions. Many times I may make a comment not expecting a solution but he doesn't let anything pass him by and comes up with an answer.

He is the ONLY Doctor that I have had tell me how things really are in clear and honest terms, and to admit what knows and does not know. I love that the office quickly provides lab results in black and white with factual information.

Dr. J" looks deeply into anything told or reported to him, like a lab result, as has the ability to see possibilities others miss. I don't know how many times physician have told me that my "tests were within normal limits" only to find out they are not when I do a little homework on credible medical sites and/or receive the actual lab copies.

The office staff is amazing, compassionate & courteous. You can feel the love they have for what they do. They try to treat you like a friend or a family member and not just another "patient" in a crowded room.

The medical community and patients that find they are not getting better are both very fortunate Dr. Schaller has dedicated so much of his life to educating others with his journal writings and books he has published at a clear loss, while he could set up a full time practice that would make a superior income. He spends hours of free time with people everyday who call from all over the world. He does this because he cares. I believe he couldn't live with himself, if he is not sharing his knowledge to help save and heal. He is extremely passionate about what he does. He is extremely passionate about spreading his knowledge, in order for people to receive proper care and to provide physicians with knowledge and information they can use to help heal their patients.

My daughter saw several doctors for her condition before we found Dr. Schaller.

At a young age she knows that all doctors are not equal. He holds a special place in her heart and will say, "Uncle J is awesome, awesome, awesome x a trillion!" He gave her a life back that was once stolen.

We all trust Dr. Schaller with our lives.

To have this when one has suffered and gone so long without answers is an amazing relief. My worries have been lifted because I know we are in good hands. I knew it from the beginning and he has more than proved that he can heal.

I am one of a number of people who has encouraged "Dr. J" to promote at least some samples of the free things he does, and to promote his philanthropy. He is old school and prefers to do kindnesses in secret. All I can say is few of our many fine American physicians sacrifice to help so many, and read and read into long hours in the morning, to find just a single pearl to help just one person.

I know what he would do if a patent sold or a mass market book sold. He would work for free, fly patients in at his expense, and give to the charities of the desolate he is already working to help.

Compassion, an intense drive for new solutions for the hopeless, warmth, immensely broad thinking, personal care and real sacrifice--these are hard to find these days. Right? Well you just found them in this unique "Top Doctor of America."

Angie M. (California)

I recently posted an email on an MD rating site. It was removed because the moderator appears to think physicians in the USA rarely see ayone flying in to see one pysician. I was knocked off site as a fake patient.

I have been under treatment with Dr J Schaller for over 1 year now...I have to say that he is an amazing Doctor...when I came to him...my face was paralyzed...my sight was affected...I was also just coming through Meningitis ...all caused by Tick infections...in one year, he has taken me from a non functioning person...to feeling 20 years younger...his care and attention to detail..have been faultless...

He is a true healer...I live and have businesses in a Golf and Spa resort in southern Spain...so I really am a real person...

At the spa, we have many physicians and general family physicians, especially from the UK who are clients of my businesses, who have been amazed by my treatment...indeed they have followed my success with me...

My own MD here on the Resort, Dr Eduardo Bourges, has worked with Dr Schaller, and is blown away with my treatment...many of the meds I have been given by Dr Schaller are not even available here in Spain...

I am going from strength to strength..and yes compliance is king...but Dr Schaller gives comfort when your struggling and changes things for a while ...he never lets you feel down or under pressure to take treatments that you cannot handle...his knowledge of hormones, inflammation troubles, Babesia, Bartonella and other tick borne infections. His nowledge of some of these medical troubles is renowned globally...

I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends and GP's here in Europe...his pioneering work should be hailed...thank God we have such a dedicated doctor and researcher as him.

Please feel free to call me personally

Sylvia Ingham
+34 606 67 98 44

Dr. Schaller, you don't know this, but I do hear extremely positive reports from your patients.

Top New England Group Moderator and Advocate

Dr Schaller saved my life—I was crippled up & could hardly walk or talk. It had seen 20 doctors, most of which told me I needed surgeries to help my crippling & headaches—I found Dr Schaller on the internet.

I was very quickly given an appt (other docs made me wait weeks for appt).

He properly diagnosed me when 20 others couldn't. I did not need surgeries, just his help & guidance & the proper meds. I am 90% well. It has taken approximately 2 yrs to get well from Babesia, Atypical Bartonella, indoor mold toxins and Lyme that no other doctor could find.

Dr Schaller figured out I had this disease perhaps 45yrs.

I traveled 1000 miles to see him and I was happy to do it since he has given me my life back.

Dr Schaller NEVER ran from me or gave up. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is the BEST at figuring out a proper cause or causes to your troubles.

Dr. Schaller rates OFF THE CHART as a physician!

As an actual patient, I can say without a doubt that I have never known a doctor who goes so far beyond the call of duty to help our family. If he wasn't knowledgeable about something, he took the time to research it to death, until he was actually more skilled at that area than doctors who specialize in it. I don't know what we would have done without him, and quite frankly, I don't want to consider it!

I gladly share that Dr Schaller saved my life after traveling & seeing over 55 Doctors with no real answers or they say it is all in your head.

He sat down with me for 3 hrs, and knew what was wrong with me (with blood work) and by immense listening and with a highly careful unique examination.

He has such compassion he believed it was worth checking my wife quickly and found some things to help her.

His life mission is giving you profound time and consideration, responding to your needs any time of day/night. After 18 yrs I found Dr. Schaller—if I did not find him I would be dead.

I'm a father of two and a husband of 25 yrs. My wife and I both owe him more than words can describe. But I will say this, the rest of the medical world should learn from him—his compassion & caring. He is out for your well being no matter how much time it takes not the normal 10 min & out the door.

Every week Dr. Schaller and his warm and caring staff are told they offer empathy, acceptance, warmth, respect and advanced medicine. Patients who seek respect, time to be heard, care and who also want advanced cutting-edge medicine, tell us they have found it with us. Below are a very small sample of patient and professional comments about our care and abilities. Perhaps we might be a good fit for you.

Fond Regards,

The Schaller Health Team

I sit holding back tears of joy this morning. Sarah goes on talking about a talk she is preparing in science class year book staff meeting she is preparing for. We honestly lost this child for 2 years. When she was first brought to the ER on 7/07 and she was seizing and the doctors worked on her for what seemed like eternity. All I could think about was, are we going to lose that special personality. For some reason I did not fear the loss of her life, but he ability to do or be something special in this world — we would never share her joy and insight with others. We had no idea of course what was wrong. She is back, she is back. I thank God for that. I thank God for putting you on this earth and guiding me to you. We thank you!

Pam, New Jersey and Texas


I wanted to thank you
for the things you have done,
for being my guardian angel
when I felt I had none.

I wanted to thank you
for the love you have shown,
for your warmth and affection
when I thought I was alone.

I wanted to thank you
for your gestures and words;
you gave me strength when I was in need
and helped me trust in my own creed.

I wanted to thank you
for being there through thick and thin,
if not in body, in soul
and always believing that I could win.

I wanted to thank you
for who you are,
for your strength and courage,
for always shining like the brightest star.

And the only way I can thank you
and show you how I feel
is to utter these words
which are written in steel:

It's so peaceful to be loved for who I have become
than to be resented for the things I have not done.

Chris O. in Maryland

Dr. Schaller has given us HOPE. He works endless hours to help others. Dr Schaller has a unique talent with children, unbelievable knowledge and expertise and has always provided a quick response. He is passionate about what he does and will treat your children like his own. It is such a Huge relief to finally have a physician that we can trust.

Ms. O'Neal

"We Were Amazed..."

Members of our family have been under the care of Dr. Schaller for over a year. On another's advice, we drove from Michigan to Florida to secure him as our doctor. We have seen many doctors of various fields over the years. We were amazed at how incredibly thorough he is. He listened to my daughter —everything she had to say. He checked her physically. He had extensive labs done. He knows more about her than all of the specialists she has seen combined.

He is an independent researcher who will not be contained by current protocols or treatment plans. He is constantly improving his OWN knowledge base and in turn, passes that knowledge on to his patients. He is driven by a desire to understand illness and his compassion for his patients.

We have witnessed tremendous improvement in my daughter, who had been sidelined by illness for many years. This is because Dr. Schaller has developed an approach to study the whole person, a map if you will, and is continually revisiting and adjusting treatment accordingly.

In many ways, even with her tick infections, my daughter is healthier now than she has ever been. When others close to her come down with illness, she stays well.

I can't say enough about Dr. Schaller. His care has brought new life and hope to our family.

Until we came under his care, I did not understand how much we had been abused by other doctors.

Linda from Michigan

Thoughts From a Respected Veteran Tick-borne Infection Expert

You do not have to reply to this at all. I just want the groups to know that your books, especially the Bartonella book, are priceless and should be required reading for all of us who call ourselves Lyme [Complex] Literate.

Let me tell you that I recently spent an entire night reading your details about Bartonella's amazing manifestations, for example. And I couldn't put it down. I found every page held at least one key to some previously important but unsolved mystery from my office or home. In many instances, dermatological mysteries had been invisible in plain sight in front of me yet, they were unseen until the words and photos in your book pointed them out to me. I had been forced to scratch for answers prior to my spending precious time focused solely on your exhaustive work. It is really impressive to be able to find so many answers so readily.

Thank you in depth for the sacrifices made by you, your friends and family in order to help the rest of us to be able to see what we may have unwittingly blinded ourselves to.

We feel like we hit a home run today! We had a wonderful appointment with Dr. Schaller. He was so thorough, attentive and listened to everything my daughter had to say. I have never met such a caring doctor. Tanya has her lab work tomorrow and then we turn our car north for home. This long trip was exactly what we were so hoping for. I don't even know what to say. We are so delighted. Thank you Dr. Schaller just isn't enough.

Someone asked me about Dr. Schaller. Well he is everything we had not found in a doctor! I'm not kidding. He didn't interrupt once, didn't treat us like imbeciles, and did not ignore a single thing we said! When we talked to him- he actually looked at us! He didn't fidget, rifle through papers, look at his watch; he was present with us. My daughter has a life to look forward to instead of a life that needs managing. We could not be any happier. And again, I am so grateful that our path crossed with him.

Joan from Michigan

For anyone reading these testimonials trying to determine if Dr. Schaller is the "real thing", let me assure you that he is. There is no doubt in my mind that he not only saved my life, but also my sanity. When I started seeing Dr. Schaller a year ago, I was in horrific pain having been diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome for both my hands and my feet. I had also developed arthritis in all of my major joints. Despite being on the highest doses of pain medicine available, every night was torture. In addition to the pain, I was also extremely ill with my hair falling out, gastritis attacks, dizziness, recurring fever, chills, nausea, sinus infections, lung infections. So many things were going wrong with with extreme daytime somnolence, headaches, scalp burning, loosing my hair, fevers, chills, severe gastritis, dizzy spells, nausea attacks, lung infections, rashes, swelling, inflammation, etc. The nightmare began in Nov '06 when I awakened to a small bump on my right thumb that was directly on top of the joint. The little bump got bigger and within 9 months had ravaged my body.

Despite seeing countless specialist, no-one could find out what was wrong with me. I stumbled across Dr. Schaller's website by accident as I was researching neuro-toxins. He had experience in so many divergent areas of medicine, that at first I was a little doubtful as to his authenticity. After reading one of his books, reading the testimonials and articles, and a lot of prayer and discussion with my family, I decided to make an appointment and contacted his wonderful staff. I could barely walk when I entered his office and feared that within weeks I would have to start using a wheelchair. After a 1 1/2 hour session with him, I had hope for the first time in a long time. Greater than 40 vials of blood was taken, and within 1 week, Dr. Schaller was able to explain to me why I was so sick and that I was dangerously ill. Within 2 weeks, the horrific burning pain affecting my hands and feet had almost disappeared based on his novel use of a Suboxone for therapeutic purposes together with treatment for Bartonella. Over the course of the past year, I subsequently tested positive for Erlichiosis, Lyme, Babesia microti, and Babesia WA-1 (ducani). Although I am not yet fully healed, I have come a tremendous way and have complete confidence that Dr. Schaller will heal me and that he will not give up until he does.

And I have one other thing I want anyone considering seeing Dr. Schaller to know.

With Dr. Schaller's concurrence, I attempted to visit the Emory Infectious Disease Group in Atlanta (where I live). My legs and hands had broken out with numerous ulcers and lesions the Emory Crawford Long ER MD wanted me to go to their Infectious Disease group ASAP. I submitted to them all of my test results, doctor visit information, etc. requested. After waiting three weeks to get an appointment, I was told that I needed to continue seeing Dr. Schaller. I responded back "Why? I can't believe that one of the top infectious disease groups in the Southeast is unable to treat me and I requested that the head of the department be consulted". I was told that the head of the department was the one who reviewed my file, that he is their Lyme disease expert, and that it was not that he could not treat tick borne infections. It was that upon his review of my medical file, Dr. Schaller had already utilized all of the available treatment options. He felt my best interest was to remain with Dr. Schaller as he had nothing else to offer. I admire the Emory doctor for his honesty and putting my interest first. I also appreciated having an esteemed infectious disease group validate what I already knew. Dr. Schaller is my version of a friendly "House" for those who watch the show. He still has much to offer me, unlike all the others. I will soon be starting a new set of treatments that Dr. Schaller recently devised for those who resist the routine treatments for Babesia. I don't know his actual IQ, but it has to be off the charts. We are all extremely blessed that he feels compelled to offer treatment to those of us with nowhere left to turn.

Victoria from Atlanta

After months and months of being very sick with tick-borne illnesses, like Bartonella and Babesia, that were misdiagnosed, I learned about Dr. James Schaller's expertise in diagnosing and treating complex medical issues that no one else can figure out. He is very broad in the way he treats fatigue, "brain fog," body aches, unusual emotional struggles and other vague but serious medical problems. He does not devalue your feeling and suffering. My family and I are so grateful for Dr. Schaller's untiring dedication to helping people recover from these difficult complex medical issues. Thanks to Dr. Schaller's cutting edge research and extraordinary knowledge, I am on the path to regaining my health and resuming a joyful and productive life!

Thanks Dr. Schaller!
Beverly H (From Michigan and New England)

If you are fighting Babesia; you NEED this book, November 16, 2009

I have read everything there is out there about Lyme, and for those of us who suffer from Lyme and Babesia, this is the book to buy. While the book can get complicated at times, it remarkably tells us what labs we need done, how to watch them for a cure, and warns that standard dosing doesn't work (as I have many Lyme friends that have unfortunately proven this!). NOBODY else knows how to do this. Thank you Dr. Schaller!

I also suggest that if you're Lyme treatment isn't working that you get this book and his other larger book on Babesia. It is possible that you have a stealth Babesia infection. My Babesia was stealth and didn't appear until 3 months after my Lyme treatment started. This book gives tips on how to "prime" a stealth infection for a positive test. If you're not getting better you should seriously consider talking to your Lyme doctor about Babesia; and bring this book along.

Chris M., Dallas, TX

As I think about you, Dr. Schaller, and all you have done for me and my family, I find myself filled with emotions and tears of appreciation.

Therefore, I want to share my reasons for these feeling of profound thanks.

Dr. Schaller has treated my family for years. My husband was ill for over seven years, and no one could figure out what was wrong with him. He had significant fatigue and a decrease in motivation and was excessively irritable and very controlling. I had lost hope for him and my marriage. Then we met you, and after 2-3 months of time, you had figured out all of the causes of my husband's troubles. I am stunned to see the degree of improvement and the hope I know have for him and our future.

It is amazing that after you diagnosed my husband, that you noticed unusual fevers with my daughter, and my own troublesome anxiety which I had told myself was just part of living with an ill spouse. What a surprise to find out we had clear troubles which could be fixed, and now I and my precious daughter are better with every passing month. I know that I have sometimes resisted your advice, and see that every time I follow your counsel, I and my daughter improve more and more. I guess after all these years, watching doctors rush me through a consult, I had come to trust none of them.

I thank God for you that you are willing to study hard and continually learn, and share your discoveries, so that God can use you to save lives. You are a true instrument of God.

With My Deepest Thanks,

Lisa Johnson

I have suffered for 3 years without being diagnoised until I met Dr. James Schaller. He is the most compassionate, intelligent doctor I have ever come in contact with. After being shuffeled from doctor to doctors office, and told it was all in my head. I finally found Dr. James Schaller. He took the time to listen to me, he cared about what I thought and did lab work that the other doctors never even heard of before. I know I wouldnt be here today if it wasn't for Dr. Schaller. He ended my suffering. HE IS MY HERO!!

Thank you Dr.Schaller from the bottom of my heart!

J.L. from Naples, Florida

I have known Dr. James Schaller for the last year. In that time he has become a friend and colleague. I have become to respect and admire this fantastic person over the last months. He is intensely dedicated to the care and treatment of patients with chronic disease who have not been able to find treatment solutions.

He has phenomenal track record when it come to publications and communicating complex medical concepts to the general layperson. His recent series of publications are outstanding and of great benefit to the community.

James is energetic, hard working, compassionate and a caring physician. He has a great ability to collaborate with his peers and to 'make things happen'.

He is dedicated to the understanding of many illnesses, including flea and tick borne diseases and their treatment. Of great impact is his personal interest in connecting neurological abilities and psychiatric disease with tick and flea borne diseases. I think that Dr. Schaller is a great physician and I am proud to say that he is my colleague.

Stephen E. Fry, MD Scottsdale, Arizona January 2007

A Hopeless Parent Struggling with an Autistic Child with Behavior Problems

I am so thankful that we were led to Dr. Schaller. First, I was looking to help my son, then after I did some reading on Lyme Disease I realized I better have myself tested as well. My son is eight years old and was diagnosed with "autism." He was very sick for the last year. I took him to a neurologist, neurosurgeon, endocrinologist, geneticist, ENT Physician, Defeat Autism Now! MD and his pediatrician several times and didn't get any answers.

I told them I thought he was screaming because he was in pain, and one response was "well he has autism". Others seemed to want to help but didn't appear to know how. It was such a relief to see Dr. Schaller as he knew what tests to run to get some answers. His passion for his work and helping patients is obvious. It was hard at first as his testing seemed like a whole new language to learn. I recommend reading through his web-site so the terms won't be quite so new during the appointments.

Then, there is a lot of blood work. I was shocked to see her pull out all those tubes (20-30) to fill, but I was relieved I drank so much (more than 40 oz) ahead of time because I felt completely fine afterwards. All the testing paid off as it finally showed an explanation as to why we were feeling the way we did. The first few weeks were a little rough as we adjusted treatments, but then I started having some days where I felt better than I had in years. My son has had similar reactions (except he would have out of control screaming sessions since he couldn't voice his discomfort with words), but around week 3 his occupational therapist said he was much more engaged and stayed on task better during their therapy sessions. You can also see improvement in his eyes. His eye contact is better with our family and his teachers. He also seems to have better vision, and to have brighter eyes.

He looks healthier and acts better. He is even tanning again. He's been so gray/pale for years and now his skin is looking healthier.

While we are still very early on in our recovery journey, we are finally optimistic about the future. Thank you Dr. Schaller!

Barbara McKinley

A Sample of My New Babesia Supplement Comments

Schaller's Books Are A Blessing to Many, January 30, 2009
By BetterHealthGuy "BetterHealthGuy" (USA)

The world of Lyme disease is a world where information is often limited. It is a world where patients often feel helpless and alone. It is a world that very few people understand unless they live it on a daily basis. I personally thirst for information to help me better understand my illness and how to approach healing. Dr. Schaller is one of the few tirelessly working to provide information to those of us that really need it; to provide new options to those of us that require them. Having read the majority of his Lyme-related books, I always look forward to new ones and Babeisa Update 2009 does not disappoint.

A Candid, Cutting-Edge Book, Chock-Full of Information, January 29, 2009
By Connie Strasheim www.lymebytes.blogspot.com (Denver, Colorado)

As a babesia researcher and sufferer, I have witnessed how standardized treatments for this infection have failed. Furthermore, I have been frustrated by the failure of some within the medical community to recognize that current treatments for babesia are inadequate for getting rid of this infection in a large number of people. Because I have tried a number of such recommended treatments myself, and still test positive for babesia, I can attest to the fact of their inadequacy.

I applaud Dr. Schaller for tenaciously researching this infection, and spending what must have been countless hours to obtain the information found within the book. Without his work, we would have NO up-to-date books on babesia, and what a travesty this would be, as the ignorance surrounding babesia would be greater and more patients would likely remain without proper treatment. Indeed, the information presented here is cutting-edge and not found elsewhere.

The book is an easy read, written with refreshing candor and intrigue. It is chock-full of valuable information, and includes great photos, which are characteristic of Dr. Schaller's books.

I highly recommend this book for anyone with babesia, and especially for those for whom standardized treatments have failed. I would also consider it a vital guide for physicians that treat this important tick-borne infection.

Connie Strasheim — Author, "The Lyme Disease Survival Guide: Physical, Lifestyle and Emotional Strategies for Healing"

Babesia update 2009 A cause of Excess Weight,Migraines and Fatigue, January 29, 2009
By Lynn O'Keefe-Grabe (Chandler, Arizona)

Dr. Schaller's book is more than informative, it's life saving. It should be required reading for all physicians and medical students! It sheds new light on the complexity of Lyme disease and tick borne infections. Most doctors are completely missing the mark both with diagnosis and treatment. For years my son was sick and no one could figure out what was wrong with him. First they thought it was ADHD, then they suggested Asperger's and finally they settled on Tourettes. (All of these diagnoses ignored many of his physical symptoms). Not one doctor ever mentioned that all of his symptoms could be caused by tic borne infections! Finally, last year he was diagnosed with Babesia Microti and Lyme disease. He began treatment, and for a few months all of his symptoms disappeared. Believing him to be cured, our doctor stopped his Babesia medication. Within weeks all of his symptoms had returned. After reading Dr. Schaller's book I now understand that our son's treatment was inadequate and that he is probably also infected with Bartonella. This book has given our family new hope. I highly recommend it.

By Louise C. "Louise C." (Tampa, FL)

I have known this physician for many years, and he is a stunningly creative problem solver, reads frenetically, creates powerful solutions and new findings that are always ten years ahead of his time. I have been excited to sell some of his 25 books over the years, and amazed to sample his 27 peer-reviewed publications. One was even a cancer cure!

He loves treating folks with no solutions. I have also known many folks was chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis and excess weight, who tried every common solution, and only had slight benefits.

There is a reason people come from all over the world to see Dr. Schaller. I sell some of them his books, and the next thing I know they write me months later and they are already on the path to a new life.

This is a man who knows all life is short, and healing is his deep passion. Medicine is not his job, it is his joy. He reads research books for fun. And best of all, he figures out medical troubles and can talk clearly and simply to non-science folks like me.

Thanks to "Dr. J," I have children and other relatives and friends who are not 6 feet under.

This material is so advanced I doubt anything can follow it for ten years. In fact, the only real Babesia books in recent years were all done by this physician. And such narrow and specific books are hardly to make money. These cost a fortune in time and money to write, and are only for a small group of smart educated readers, looking for new advanced help for fatigue, Lyme treatment failure and peculier weight gain that resists cure with modest diet and exercise.

And it is fascinating to see all the pearls he tosses out on different topics, partly related to this vastly under appreciated malaria-like infection. Just a few of these pearls were shared with my physicians in the past weeks and some were stunned. "Where did you read that!? That is quite a big finding." And I just point them to Dr. J's books.

Who would have thought my migranes were from Babesia — They were!!!, January 28, 2009
By M. Noll (Maplewood,NJ USA)

I have read alot of Dr.Schaller's books and I thought his first Babesia book was very informative but this book is absolutely phenomenal — it is an extraordinary book with an umlimited amount of cutting edge information. This is so ahead of it's time — I would recommmend it very highly. I didn't completely comprehend the severity of this disease until reading this book. Since being treated for Babesia my migraines are gone & so is my excess weight. I never would have thought the Babesia was causing those problems but the doctor said it was & since reading this book it understand more of what happened with this disease.

After years of just being shuffled from one doctor to another, Dr. Schaller found answers. He took the whole puzzle, put the pieces together and started toward a solution. One difference between Dr. Schaller and others is that he understands life's daily demands and challenges and gives his patients the tools to function while treating their illness. He makes adjustments in treatment and pays attention to how you are reacting to these adjustments. He has a tremendous scope of knowledge and is constantly learning. How you feel is important to him but a cure is also important. Dr. Schaller cares enough to make a difference in the quality of your life AND solve the problem. Solutions are out there and Dr. Schaller finds them.

J. Gordon
Houston, Texas

I received the Suboxone book. I want to thank you! The book is fascinating, especially for me, because I became addicted to oxycodone which was prescribed to me for 3 years due to a very painful injury. I have been taking Suboxone for a few months, prescribed by a "Suboxone Doctor", but had many questions that this book is clearing up for me. Recently, I had to go to a regular doctor for an allergic reaction to hair dye, and I was ashamed to tell him I was on Suboxone. I'm even embarrassed to pick up the prescription at the pharmacy. I see the look the pharmacists give me, even though I don't look "bummy" or act like a "low life". This book is helping me come to terms with that. Though I can't change the way other people feel, I certainly am coming to realize, through the help of this book, that I am NOT bad for needing Suboxone.

Dear Dr. Schaller,

I want to tell you why I recommend you to so many people. Please share this with individuals who do not know you.

After looking at your very informative web site with free articles my eyes were opened to so many different things I had never heard, and I became curious about you. Then after hearing so many good things from your other patients, I had to check you out myself. I have to admit I was not expecting much relief from my problems, because I had already seen many specialists and internists who did not help me, or listen to me or try to find the underlying cause of my troubles.

It is obvious to me that you are a passionate learner and intense researcher who cares deeply about finding cures to a wide range of illnesses. When I mentioned things that you had not heard of, it was clear you promptly began researching some options to diagnose me, and also contacted different fellow scholars from all around the world to learn new ways to heal me. I never had a doctor do research for ME. I have heard of doctors doing research for drug companies for money, but this is hardly what you do—you research for your precious patients to find the real causes of suffering.

You are truly interested in my ongoing progress and are willing to offer convenient phone assistance. You also offer 24/7 emergency coverage to me for sudden troubles and I never have to talk to medical staff who do not know me.

I know also that you could make more money seeing many patients in an hour and talking insurance. I know medical mills offer better income. But you offer full hour intakes to really listen and understand people.

I am amazed at your wide range of knowledge which is something I have never seen in other respected physicians before. Your knowledge is obviously beyond basic medical school and residency training. I know of no physician who knows so much about so many things, and is willing to publish them for others. You obviously are willing to search for cures and deep causes, and not merely offer "Band-Aid" drugs impulsively.

Your intake laboratory evaluations are so advanced, that I felt like I was being evaluated for the first time. Your special lab evaluations found credible and important things missed in simple 5 tube blood evaluations that I had in the past. It is surprising to me how you have been able to work it out, so that my testing is done by a wide range of top labs—you try to send each individualized test to the best lab, and are not so naive to feel one large national lab is the best at all tests.

Perhaps most of all, I love the fact you listen and get down on the floor with my children and care for me and them deeply. As a father I do not trust doctors to treat my children, but I definite trust you. We are not merely numbers or time slots—we are REAL people with a real doctor who cares. This is why I trust you to care for my children and have full trust in you. They are improving markedly since you started treating them. Thanks so much!

With Sincerely and Best Regards,

Michael Taborski
New York

Dear Dr. Schaller,

You helped me when no one else knew what was wrong with me, and for that I'll be eternally grateful. You were able to search out the causes of my suffering with your extensive labs and sharp mind. Thanks for getting me the help I needed, and getting me on the right track. I appreciate all that you've done.

I feel much better than when I first saw you, and I am excited that I finally know what is wrong with me and I am slowly improving. It is amazing how many respected physicians missed the causes of my suffering.

Thanks for everything.

Richard Darlington

Dr. Schaller is a brilliant, compassionate, man whose research directly gave our family and friends the key to solving our undiagnosed illnesses. Since writing my first testimonial a month ago, I have witnessed the ripple effect in Connecticut from Dr. Schaller's work. Dr. Schaller is directly responsible for restoring the quality of life to my family and has restored the quality of life and saved lives of those he has never even met. Our initial group of 8 people, who had mysterious symptoms whose doctors could not find a diagnosis, has been growing in numbers.

In the fall of 2006, eight friends and family members had similar symptoms of illness, which our doctors were unable to diagnose. As a group, we compared our symptoms. Seven of us had strep, four had sudden food intolerances and/or anaphylaxis, some had shooting pains, muscle pains, twitching, swelling at joints, a sudden difficulty in breathing, chest pains, sweats, intermittent fevers, chills, nausea, fatigue, inflammation (I had a sedimentation rate that doubled in a month) and some of us had high Eosinophils. Many doctors helped to narrow the possible causes of our illnesses by giving us labs, which helped give clues as to the causes of our illnesses, and many doctors devoted lots of time trying to help us. While the combined efforts of the adults in the group, the State Department of Health, and the efforts of our dedicated doctors helped us close in on the cause of our symptoms and eliminate some diseases, it was the work of Doctor Schaller that ultimately gave us the key as to the cause of our illnesses.

After expressing our concerns about a mysterious illness to the State Department of Health in Connecticut in the fall of 2006, it was suggested to us that our group look into Ehrlichiosis and Babesiosis as a possible cause. As a result of this suggestion, I asked many times to be tested for various tick-borne diseases. I kept coming up negative on all tick-borne illnesses. However, the more I read about tick-borne illnesses, much from Dr. Schaller's web site, and the more I learned about the symptoms of Babesia, the more I thought that Babesia could still be a possibility, in spite of negative test results. I soon discovered that Dr. Schaller was writing a book about Babesia (released in November of 2006) Just on the chance that this book might shed some more light on things, since by this time many of us noticed that we had the symptoms of Babesia, but came up negative on tests, I ordered the book. After reading Dr. Schaller's book, I was even more convinced that Babesia was a possibility, especially after reading about the difficulties that can arise when testing.

I also didn't follow what is considered a normal route for contracting Babesia by most....I never had a flu, but I did have a sore throat in the middle of the night (that was gone by morning), muscle aches, cramps, shooting pains, twitching, swollen knees, hip pain, air hunger, and ultimately intermittent fevers and sweats. Dr. Schaller painted a clearer picture of what Babesia infections can look like in his book, which is based on an enormous amount of research, and I fit. I came out positive for Babesia and Bartonella on a lab that uses a special stain to find it, and now that I am starting to get better, positive Lyme bands have showed up in my lab testing and I have been diagnosed with Lyme. I was too sick to fight the Lyme until I started to clear the Babesia and in fact 5 Lyme tests came out negative prior to my going on medication for the Babesia because my body was too sick to fight the Lyme and produce antibodies until recently. I am much better at this point. Dr. Schaller is now my son's and mother's doctor for tick-borne illness. More than half of our family and friends with these mysterious symptoms have now tested positive for tick-borne illnesses and the rest are still testing. We are fairly certain that more will be added to this list Babesia came out positive in most of us who were tested using new CLIA approved blood smears, recommended by Dr. Schaller, which allow both Babesia and Bartonella to be seen clearly.

I have watched our numbers grow as people we know or have met, who have had similar symptoms, went undiagnosed. A month ago, I spoke with a VP of an insurance company who was gravely ill with undiagnosed Babesia She was about to be hospitalized as the doctors she had been to did not know the cause of her illness. She had been bitten by something, developed a rash and had a flu-like illness about 14 days after being bitten. She, as did I, came up negative for Lyme, most likely because she was too ill to fight it, as I was. Her labs didn't look too terribly off (neither did mine) and her doctors did not know what the cause of her illness was. She was given 4 weeks of doxycycline, as was I, because it looked like Lyme, even though she came up negative for Lyme (as I did). She barely made any improvement for doxycycline and neither had I. I shared with her the information I had learned from Dr. Schaller. She bought his book on Babesia, using an overnight shipment, and was tested for Babesia. When she came out positive, her sister called me in tears of joy for finally having a diagnosis. Now on medication and for the first time in months, this woman has had a few sound nights sleeping and some good mornings and she is making progress improving her health, where prior to this, there were no good days or nights. She has sent me thank you's for sharing what I knew, but we all know that Dr. Schaller is the one to thank (although, I didn't mind getting the bouquet of flowers that arrived today!)

We are so grateful for Dr. Schaller's work and the education that he gives freely on his web site to those searching to find an answer to their illnesses. It is so obvious how much Dr Schaller cares about helping people who are ill. His office staff is also amazing. Dr Schaller gives of himself first to help others get well and is a person who shows great compassion, and has been even known to forgive significant debts when someone has had financial difficulties. At this point, three months into proper treatment of Babesia, I am 90% better. Four months ago, I was wondering if I was going to end up disabled. None of the symptoms I described to Dr. Schaller were foreign to him. When I told Dr. Schaller that my son and I both had shooting pains, which included at times a finger or toe or the side of our head, not only did he explain what it was, but he knew right away how to go about fixing the problem.

Thank you so much, Dr. Schaller, for directly educating the people who are desperately searching for answers! As a teacher, it is wonderful to see someone who thinks for himself, finds the answers, and doesn't just go by what he was taught medical school. Above all, thank you for my son and his friends, the children in our group, who deserve to have to have their health and enjoy their childhoods.

July 2008:UPDATE: I am requesting that Dr. Schaller add this important update to my testimonial. I learned from Dr. Schaller's research that when one is infected with Babesia, Bartonella, and Lyme that it can overwhelm the immune system and make the labs negative because the body can be too sick to fight the infections and produce the antibodies. I learned that once treating the co-infections that Lyme bands might start to show up and I learned it before it happened to me. I have almost monthly labs showing precisely this progression. A month after treating Babesia, my Elisa for Lyme was equivocal, then Lyme bands started to show and once clearing Babesia I had an IgM (present and not past) positive Western Blot on Quest labs, 11 months after first becoming infected. When I shared this with some of the 28 doctors that our group of people had seen prior to finding Dr. Schaller there was interest and curiosity because this is certainly not something doctors know and some wondered if it was an anomaly. I learned that my labs would progress this way before it did, so I was obviously not unique. Then, my son progressed the same way. He treated Babesia and Bartonella and then a positive IgM Western Blot came up for Lyme on Quest labs....after 2 years of illness! He had had eosinophilia for a year, as high as 37, which has now come down to 17 after finally starting to treat Lyme. He NEVER tested positive for IgM Lyme until he cleared the co-infections and could fight the Lyme and produce the antibodies to make the tests positive, and we only tested positive for Babesia and Bartonella on a research lab. So in other words, we looked normal on the normal labs given to the public and had not a research lab found our co-infections, I would no doubt be disabled and diagnosed with chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia right now. This is huge and could be the answer for many suffering with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I believe that my son's and my lab progressions show the missing link between Lyme and co-infections and many who have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. At this point, I am actively working on getting this information out to the general public.

In addition, the recent tick testing done by Eva Sapi at the University of New Haven in Connecticut supports the threat to the public: Ticks collected in 2003 in Southern Connecticut: 20% Lyme, 30% Bartonella, and 34% babesia. Ticks collected in 2007 at playgrounds, parks, and school grounds to evaluate the threat to children: 60% Lyme so far and the co-infections are not yet done, but if they tripled in 4 years like Lyme did then we are at epidemic proportions. I certainly keep coming across people with many of our symptoms, 3 in the past 2 weeks whose doctors did not know what they had.

Dr. Schaller's books on Babesia and Bartonella show information not known to the vast majority of the medical community and he shares his own work and observations and amazingly compiles the important research from thousands of studies into these works. Thank you again Dr. Schaller....you have my highest respect and gratitude! You found the needle in the hay stack. You are clearly a doctor, genius, and researcher, who is many, many, years ahead of his time.

Jane Mills

My children's future lives are better because Dr. Schaller helped fix their Mom: me. I was overwhelmed with chronic late stage lyme and after 3 years and four MD's, I finally found Dr. Schaller and my life changed for the better within months.

Thank you!

Mold, ADD, Body Pain, Arthritis, Severe Headaches, Fatigue and More

Over the last two years at least ten doctors sent me to about seven specialists for my medical troubles. All wanted to do surgeries to fix my neck and my hands which were swollen and very painful. I also had severe headaches, dizziness and arthritis like symptoms. After meeting all these physicians I was confused and demoralized. I just felt my problem was not a simple surgery or a simple medication since I seemed to have a number of new illnesses. I was about to give up.

Then I found Dr. Schaller's main web site. I called his office and his staff were excellent in helping me get started. They spent a long time on the phone with me and returned calls quickly. I had the sense they had time for me—that was special.

Once I met Dr. J., he diagnosed me very quickly, almost at a glance, but said that to be careful we needed to run some tests. He found a number of infections, some mold biotoxins, hormone abnormalities, excess inflammation and many other things. He was able to link these things together to show I did not have 20 problems but a limited number of issues, and 3-5 positive labs each confirmed some specific illness. Then it was an unusual experience to have my problems discussed in some of Dr. Schaller's many books, research publications or hundreds of free articles. I have never been given so much information on my health. Thankfully, the reading is optional.

When I arrived at his office my joints and muscles were killing me. I was severely fatigued. My swelling and pain causes were pin pointed in less than a week. In the few months that he's been my doctor, I have improved tremendously without surgeries. He IS the most amazing doctor I have ever known. In my eyes, he saved my life. He is a very kind, caring, intelligent doctor, who is so far ahead of times. I would fly around the world to see him if need be. I can honestly say I have complete and total faith in him. Also, his support staff is excellent, too.

On another note, I was diagnosed ADD years ago and had brain fog for at least a year and Doc Schaller found that these symptoms were part of his diagnostic findings. Under his care, these symptoms are improving rapidly. Before Dr. J. started treating me I would not have been able to keep my thoughts together enough to even tell you about him.

Now, as you can see from what I've written that he's taken care of that, too.

He IS a God send.

Mary Kennedy Knott

Dear Dr. Schaller,

Thank you for such a positive doctor's visit in Tampa, Florida last month.

For the past 15 years I have been going to numerous doctors and specialists to diagnose my illness with no results. You have done it in less than a month.

My long range goal with your guidance is to follow whatever protocol is needed for Bartonella, Lyme and Babesia. I now have hope I will start feeling well again.

I have a lot of faith and trust in you, and I would not hesitate to refer others to you.


Maria Florento

Dr. Schaller's dedicated, compassionate and individualized approach to medicine is a lesson for all practicing physicians.

PJ Langhoff Author of The Singing Forest, a Journey Through Lyme Disease and Right Behind You, Spiritual Helpers From Beyond the Earth Plane

Dr. Schaller has done it again!

I have known Dr. James Schaller for several years now; he is brilliant, compassionate, witty, highly evolved, and most informed. I am not even slightly surprised that he could write a book on such a compelling and prescient subject as addition to pain medication. My own family's personal struggles with drugs caused by inappropriate treatment to bipolar disorder and from misdiagnoses to horrendously advanced Lyme encouraged me to read Dr. Schaller's newest book. I was tranported by its simple clarity, vision, and elegance. The man is a genius. Thank God, drug addition to pain meds is one problem I have not experienced, but I have many friends who cannot say the same thing. I am referring ten friends to this book tonight. I can tell anyone reading this review that my decades as an English professor and medical research writer have taught me a lot. I can spot an "empty" book in about ten minutes. Dr. Schaller's books are all "replete"; they are pithy, well-documented, and comporting. I cannot recommend it highly enough, and I will pass it along to my medical doctor friends. TONIGHT!

Review by Cheryl Roberts, Ph.D. Lakewood, New York about the book Suboxone: Take Back Your Life From Pain Medications

A.D.D., Irritability and Oppositional Disorders: Cutting Edge Solutions Sincere Therapists and Doctors Miss

Dr. Schaller came thru again!
Once again Dr. Schaller has provided us with a much needed and practical resource. As a therapist, I am constantly looking for material that will be a help to struggling clients: parents, teachers, spouses, and others. This book gives me exactly what I am looking for in a consise, easy to read, complete package. Thank you Dr. Schaller.

I have known Dr. James Schaller as a caring professional for over ten years. He has helped many patients in our Philadelphia clinic; patients who continue to ask for him and for his help over and over. What impressed me most while working with Dr. Schaller was his vast wealth of knowledge. Patients who we referred to him came back with lots of new treatment options, articles, books, and research articles. They greatly benefited from the education they recieved, but also from getting their diagnosis RIGHT! For many, after years of searching and years of ineffective treatment, Dr. Schaller was able to pinpoint their problem and bring them much appreciated relief. I would highly recommend Dr. Schaller to you.

Reviewed by Thomas A. Whiteman PhD, prolific author and psychologist from Philadelphia, PA

I am really grateful to Dr James Schaller to have written the first exhaustive book on human babesiosis. It is an amazing sum of information that I suggest all MDs treating tick-borne diseases should read. Babesiosis literate patients wanting to know what's happening in their bodies should also get it. It is a must have for you and your doctor, if you have caught this plague called babesiosis and try to get rid of it. The book is written in an easy to read and pleasant way (though English is not my mother language). It is a considerable source of references, treatments, interactions, helpful tips, a masterpiece of the state of art.

******Review by Sylvie Rinaudo, PhD from France about a textbook by Dr. Schaller on Babesia, an infection routinely missed.

Dr. Schaller writes in an engaging manner that draws professionals and is clear enough so those who are struggling with these symptoms can understand the etiology, description and treatment of the disease. The book freely and exhaustively shares a bibliography so those who need more already have a lot of the research sources completed for them. I am not a medical doctor but in my work with individuals, couples and families it gives me abundant resources to spot potential symptoms and refer people knowledgably for further evaluation. Dr. Schaller is a prolific writer but he takes no shortcuts in his work. Very few medical books bridge the gap from professional to lay reader, and this book makes a yeoman's attempt, and for my money, succeeds.

***A review of a book on an infection commonly missed by Ralph W. Eckardt DSW, Individual, couple and family therapist with 40 years experience working in Suburban, Philadelphia.

An Eye-Opening Book on the largely unknown health effects from mold

Our home suffered extensive roof damage due to Hurricane Wilma, which swept through South Florida last year. Plenty of water came in through the ceiling, running down numerous walls. We tried drying the house as best as we could, but with no electricity or air conditioning for a week, there was only so much we could do.

About a month after the hurricane, our kids started showing allergy-like symptoms. I also noticed that I was having frequent headaches and generally felt run down and fatigued. My wife took our kids to their pediatrician, who prescribed allergy medications and testing for them. The medications helped only a little. Due to the significant amount of water we had in our home, I began wondering if our health problems were due to mold. So, when my kids' next doctor's appointment came, I took them. I asked the doctor if their symptoms — as well as my headaches — could be from mold. He pretty much laughed off the suggestion. He simply renewed my kids' allergy medications and recommended that I see a neurologist.

Then, I read When Traditional Medicine Fails. Wow! What an eye opener! I discovered that mold can cause not only the symptoms my kids and I were suffering from, but also plenty of other health effects. Plus, I learned that many traditional physicians are simply unknowledgeable about mold-related health issues. The book also tells you how can solve many mold problems on your own. Our problem was too extensive to fix by ourselves, but with the book's help, I was able to hire a qualified remediator who followed EPA protocols. A couple weeks after the remediation, our health problems were gone!

***Review of an indoor mold book Dr. Schaller wrote by "Paul" from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Many opiate dependent people can be successfully detoxed with Suboxone and Dr. Schaller has written the only up to date book about it.

Suboxone is less than 10 percent as addictive as methadone and less than 30 percent as addictive as heroin. It is available from private practitioners, and can legally be prescribed, for 30 days at a time. In contrast, many methadone patients suffer long daily commutes, to undesirable neighborhoods, to obtain highly addictive methadone maintenance. They are often treated very rudely and disrespectfully, at methadone clinics, where they wait in long lines, with career criminals. Methadone was a factor in the deaths of 2,992 people in 2003, up from 790 in 1999, according to an analysis of death certificates conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics. Less than five percent of methadone patients are able to taper or withdraw from methadone's "liquid handcuffs." Calsyn D, Malcy J and Saxon A. Slow tapering from methadone maintenance in a program encouraging indefinite maintenance J Subst Abuse Treat. 2006 Mar;30(2):159-163.

Wider use of Suboxone would reduce these alarming numbers. Physicians certified to administer buprenorphine have recently been allowed to treat 100 patients at a time, instead of 30. Buprenorphine and Suboxone treatment availability is rapidly expanding, while in some states, patients travel 3 hours each way to obtain methadone treatment. With competition from Suboxone certified physicians, methadone clinics hopefully will be forced to treat patients more considerately.

Suboxone is a readable and thorough discussion of how to use Suboxone to treat pain and opiate dependency. I agree with Dr. Schaller that slower Suboxone tapers are more effective than rapid tapers and decrease opiate relapse rates.

Suboxone explains that the adverse buprenorphine/benzodiazepine reactions reported in France, only occurred when intravenous administration occurred. Suboxone contains detailed lists of possible Cytochrome P450 3A4 detoxification interactions with other medications. Patients and Practitioners will both find these useful.

The discussion distinguishing genetically transmitted anxiety from an unwillingness to cope with normally occurring anxiety is especially needed, in a society which assumes all benzodiazepine patients are "pillheads" or addicts. Dr. Schaller observes that genetically anxious patients can maintain the same therapeutic daily dose for years, while true addicts, continue increasing daily maintenance doses, after the first year. Schaller distinguishes addiction from dependency - something the general public needs to comprehend. Considering Dr. Schaller's impressive credentials and ability to detect neurotoxicity, nutritional and hormonal deficiencies and other less apparent anxiety causes, laymen and practitioners need to accept that some anxious patients will continue to require benzodiazepine medication, despite the most brilliant testing, diagnosis and treatment of other possible anxiety causes.

Read this book to learn how freedom from opiate dependency can be obtained. I agree with Dr. Schaller, that Suboxone is the best drug that almost no one has heard of.

Review above by Steven Sponaugle
Research Director, Florida Detox
Tarpon Springs, FL

King James

You are a blessing.

You have given me a life again....You pulled me back from the brink of death. You treated me to the point I could be a husband and father again. I had no where else to turn and I found you.

I love you brother.

Michael T
Senior Law Enforcement NE USA