Hyperbaric Oxygen and the Fraud of a Lyme Disease, Babesia, Bartonella and Ehrlichia Cure

Years ago, some patients who had tried over ten physicians, including "big name experts," came to me for help. They had just been through a huge complex herbal protocol from a man with extensive past medical board troubles, and who has no credible research other than profoundly flawed alternative techniques, that fail when replicated by a superior expert. They also had been to a self-appointed Pope who endorses everything and has no major authorship of even one book or one article.

Therefore, they came to me in very poor shape after spending 20,000 and using tons of tinctures and tons of IVs with no change. They moved to a new location partly, because after so many disasters, they had seen rabid advertising and chat room talk about the cure of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

They did a brief set of sessions with me, and then mentioned they had no more money. Therefore, I offered the equity in my home, since I am so rich from my part-time practice and low volume academic books — that was a big joke — to pay for all their treatment.

They were all positive for all four deer tick infections mentioned in the title.

Everyone in this family was all aggressively treated for 120-135 sessions for 90-minute treatments at 2.4 atmospheres. This is exceptional treatment.

After all this time, they did not feel much better in any consistent manner. In addition, they tested fully and clearly for active infections for Lyme disease, Babesia, Ehrlichia and Bartonella.

The take home message is HBOT completely fails to cure tick-borne infections, and any one that reports this is effective is looking at flawed unpublished research, and is usually a thief who is willing to waste your money and time for their business.

I mentioned these results and the summary of our extensive past contact with Dr. Fife, Dr. Lombard and many others who have used and tried this treatment, and one arrogant HBOT owner insulted me, and she simply wrote I did not have the "data or experience."

I have reviewed all the best data in the world. She is the gamer. This HBOT scammer is acting in bad faith. If she has such real certainty, I would invite her to let me do the pre and post testing of patients with these infections. However, that would cost income, and money pays for the deceitful advertisements and the use of this junk tool that costs tens of thousands to do a blind outcome test. HBOT is a great medical tool but worthless for tick infections.

HBOT fails to cure all four of these deer tick infections and I invite any one to show solid 2009 level evidence it works.

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