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Title: Guest Editorial on Nutrition (Solicited)
(Appeared in: Internal Medicine News, Family Practice News, OB/GYN News and Clinical Psychiatry News)

I am a strong proponent of physicians knowing a lot about nutrition. Of course, since they are getting paid less and less and their overhead is massive, it is increasingly hard to spend hundreds of hours learning nutrition.

Unfortunately, many fine doctors do not realize that common medications undermine nutritional health, e.g. a common medication used to decrease cholesterol also decreases CoQ10. CoQ10 is a natural critical body substance that likely helps prevent cancer, heart problems and increases energy. Nutrients clearly increase health in almost all people of every age. While I see flaky nutrition comments by some physicians, some are actually getting increasingly sophisticated.

Many nutritionally oriented physicians are now quite savvy. I do consulting for a wholesale nutrient company, Vitacost.com and Nutraceutical Sciences Institute, that offer nutrients at wholesale to individuals. Perhaps worth a look?

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