Dr. James Schaller, MD
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Dr. Schaller Office Location

Bank Tower, Suite 305
5150 Tamiami Trail North (Highway 41)
Naples, FL 34103

Click Here for Driving Directions to Dr. Schaller's Office

Dr. Schaller treats patients from all states and most continents.

His home office is in the travel friendly town of Naples Florida, which is lovely and is home to more CEO homes than any place on earth. It is made for visitors and is very clean.

Most new patients fly into RSW – Regional Southwest International Airport in Fort Myers. This airport is about 30 minutes north of Naples on a well paved and fast moving highway, I-75.

Fort Myers airport is fairly new, clean and very well staffed. Waiting times are low compared with other airports in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

If you cannot walk well, get a note from your doctor for a wheelchair and cart, so you do not have to walk 6-10 city blocks going between planes and cars. Any local MD can do this for you.

Miami airport is 20x as busy as RSW in Ft Myers. Ft. Lauderdale’s airport is about 90 minutes away on the East Coast of Florida and requires a drive to Naples on I-75 West.

Hotels are everywhere in Naples and made to fit every budget.

If you need a profoundly clean hotel, ask if they use only natural cleaners and if they have mold.

Newer and non-beach hotels tend to be lower on fumes and mold if that is a concern. Typically, your labs are done the day after your Wednesday intake—typically Thursday. Other days rarely can be arranged.

Florida will soon be the United States’ 3rd largest state in terms of population. It is very different from county to county. Some areas feel like a NYC beach, others have a Georgia feel, and others feel like a beach from the Midwest. Southern FL has about five types of communities, with Naples the most conservative.

About 15 types of food are available and the costs in Naples are far above most cities and towns in the United States.

Naples has beautiful beaches, some of which are public. It has some exceptional fishing and many, many top golf courses. Shopping is everywhere, but is generally more expensive than other locations in the U.S. There is a 6% sales tax on everything purchased in Naples, including clothing and food in restaurants.

Dr. Schaller’s office is on U.S. Highway 41 which is also called Tamiami Trail North. The Bank Tower Office is seven minutes from the Pine Ridge Road exit (exit 107) off I-75 and is located at the corner of Pine Ridge and Tamiami Trail N (US 41). His suite is #305 on the 3rd floor. The building is across the street from the Naples Hilton and Shula’s restaurant. A CVS is about 200 yards north of his seven storey green glass office building.

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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