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Title: Vitamin C & Heart Health - A New Finding

I am careful that people avoid a fad nutrient and only take one thing. A football team has make members and the body needs many essential nutrients. Occasionally, when dealing with difficult oppositional adults, I am forced to pick one thing. I may suggest Ester C in a smoker since they burn up tons of Vitamin C, or Chelated Selenium in a man to prevent prostate cancer, Chrome Mate or highly absorbed chromium in an obese person, or DIM for a woman to reduce breast cancer risk.

However, while many nutrients reduce heart disease problems in my reading of the science, Vitamin C has just been mentioned in the prestigious journal Circulation, as having the special ability to convert primitive stem cells into new fresh heart cells. Some thought this was not possible, and that when a heart had dead tissue - nothing could be done. In other words, the body of an adult or a fetus may be able to develop heart cells best in an environment of optimal vitamin C. Other anti-oxidants tested did not have this effect.

My thanks to Wayne Gorsek for showing me this article.

His company can be accessed from my Wholesale Nutrient Button on the side or top margin.

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