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Title: Bio-identical Testosterone Used to Augment Treatment-resistant Major Depression Safely: the Absence of Interactions with Nardil

Studies are often flawed on testosterone's role in health and mood. They use synthetic forms that can be hard on the liver and are not identical to your own. They measure total values when free testosterone or DHT is more biologically available. They do not take into account binding proteins that can hold testosterone in the blood and prevent it from being useful to cells.

In the 1940's, JAMA published on the use of testosterone in Major Depression. Follow up studies have been complicated; some are flawed in design.

The bottom line: both sexes tend to have major decreases in natural free testosterone and these can influence mood, in my experience, especially after teh age of 40. Appropriate replacement can be very helpful in many disorders as long as you do not exceed the top end of the normal free testosterone level.

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