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Title: Use of Sublingual Glutathione for Arsenic Removal

Glutathione has many serious roles in the body. It helps remove medications and toxins. It also binds to some metals. One of which we believe is arsenic.

Arsenic is found in many places. Treated wood, drinking water, some foods and cigarette smoke are merely a few samples.

We found, accidentally, that when we used our special sublingual glutathione lozenge, which puts glutathione at high doses into the blood, that it also helped with metal removal.

Specifically, I have been running urine metal screens on many of my patients. I found that the amount of arsenic was generally consistent with two things.

If they seemed to have more sources of exposure, their arsenic level tended to be higher--no surprise here.

But they also had high levels of arsenic in the urine if they were taking sublingual glutathione. The glutathione was pulling the cancerous heavy metal out of their body. If they were taking a lozenge every other day they might have a little in their urine. If they were taking three lozenges a day they had a tremendous amount of arsenic in their urine.

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