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Title: The Most Common Dangerous Effects of Commonly Prescribed Drugs: Serious Nutritional Depletions and Injuries Rarely Discussed

We discuss Lipitor, pain medications like Motrin and Advil, Premarin/Prempro, the birth control pill in young girls and older women, Glucophage and Chemotherapy.

Because most fine, sincere physicians are struggling under Group Practice & HMO/PPO time constraints, it is hard for them to both learn and explain in detail all the possible interactions between your medications, food, essential minerals, essential vitamins, other miscellaneous essential nutrients, and hormones. A few books exist on these interactions but are not easy for most physicians to find.

For example, most patients with diabetes or polycystic ovaries who take Glucophage (metformin) are not told it can excessively lower key B-vitamins and also lowers testosterone.

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