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Title: Parenting and the Degree of Oppositionality in a Child

There is no harder job in the world than raising a child. But taming a youth who is out of control can feel like trying to tame a tornado. I have been working with some of the best tornado tamers, individuals who have rescued thousands of children. Let us save you time, money, emotional energy and help you pull your child back to a safe and solid path.

You have no time to waste. Your child needs clear intervention and your stamina is finite. Like some parents, you may be more worn out than you know. Expending weeks and months trying to help your child.

Most books on "troubled youth" are too long to read and too theoretical. When you are drowning you need solutions fast. This book is a solutions book.

Some youth recover and are helped by one intervention. If this does not happen with your child, try not to lose hope. Solid tables stand on four legs—you may need to use four tools for a solid solution.

Keep in mind, you are not supposed to die for your child. If you feel you are "losing it" and burning out, get help.

I hope these solutions help and empower you.

How Out of Control is Your Child?

There is no competition here. Some families are concerned by minor shifts in behavior and others seem to put up with too much.

Let's just get a rough sense of severity so we are talking the same language and we use the right solutions:

  1. The Whiner: the child raises its voice, easily annoyed or only obeys after 5 requests.

  2. The Dramatic & Verbally Hostile Youth: the child uses curses, and threatens and insults parent calling them names.

  3. Mild Damage and Dangerous Verbal Comment: the child may throw a book or bike but not at someone. Or they threaten to hurt themselves, you or animals.

  4. Active Gestures and Serious Property Damage: Youth holds objects in aggressive manner but no contact. They put holes in wall or smash windows.

  5. Minor Harm: pushing, slapping or hitting with no major injury.

  6. Serious Violence: serious intent and serious harm, e.g., hitting with a bat or punching someone in the face repeatedly.

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