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Title: Simple Nutritional Interventions Complete a Child's Full Recovery - A Case Report

Michele was the child of two traditional healthcare providers - one was a pediatrician.

For 6 months she was severely hitting her siblings in the back and occasionally smearing feces in her bedroom. Her grades fell from outstanding to borderline failures.

Her irritability was beyond controllable, and she cried regularly for hours with no apparent reason.

Michelle asked her mother, "Mommy what is wrong with me?!"

A previous physician had diagnosed her as being Bipolar, because of his interviews and since two relatives had the disorder. After some seasons, this respected academic child psychiatrist, who is an expert on mood problems, felt his medications could offer no further help. They had helped partly, but there was "nothing more to add" since she could not be sedated further by any additional medications.

Michelle had become much less assaultive and 50% less irritable, but was still failing school and was fully unmanageable at home.

Because of the child's eccentric eating habits, which included junk foods with processed grain, trash fats that undermine brain function, and poor baseline nutrition, I felt there was nothing to lose by adding:

  1. A very high quality nutritional shake--2x a day
  2. Liquid magnesium - since magnesium is involved in about 300 different bodily chemical reactions and has many roles in the brain
  3. Omega 3 fatty acids - a tiny strawberry gel form made for small children. These structural fats have been found to help many brain disorders and functions.

I was very pleased to see that in a week the child was making some mild but quantifiable improvement.

In a month Michelle was at full baseline after being continuously ill for over 15 months. Her grades eventually rose to A's and her behavior was fully age appropriate.

Her family had been open but skeptical, and I had only promised better health, but the message was clear to all of us that these modest interventions had added to the child's treatment.

However, when they ran out of Michelle's supplements, she became manic, aggressive and assaultive in 1 to 2 weeks. They replaced them, and she returned to normal. Since then, they have aggressively kept her on all three things for 2 years. She has had no more relapses.

Diplomate: American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology
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