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Title: The Use of Nebulized Glutathione in Lung Disease

Glutathione has many profound roles in the body. One role is to enable the liver to remove toxins, medications and other substances from the body. Without it, these substances cannot be removed properly.

Smoking exposes you to possibly 200 toxic substances. For many, it only takes 5 years of smoking to have marked lung injury to the fragile tiny filmy sacs that allow for air to be exchanged—Carbon dioxide for oxygen.

We have been looking at the work of others, e.g., Jonathan Wright and David Perlmutter, and have come to agree that increasing glutathione in the body is a very beneficial thing.

Yet, you can’t just take a pill to get good blood levels, since the gut poorly absorbs it.

Therefore, we have worked with master compounders and they have devised multiple ways to deliver glutathione by nebulization.

One puts a special small daily amount of glutathione in a nebulizer, and instead of breathing cigarette smoke you breath a substance that helps facilitate toxin removal and possibly tissue repair.

We are planning to do lung studies comparing the use of glutathione in the first 4 seasons after people quit smoking, with those who have no interest in this treatment. Some nutritionists and physicians, like Jonathan Wright, report excellent results. We would like to follow up on his experience. How much improvement is possible? Is there a time when it provides the most healing? Does the benefit in healing end after a year?

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