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Title: Do First-born Children Preferentially Absorb Maternal Heavy Metals in the Uterus?

I have reviewed the 1900 studies on the use of "silver" mercury containing dental fillings.

If you study body fluids or body "waters" like saliva, urine or blood, the studies seem contradictory. However, I soberly noted the animal studies in which amalgams were rooted in their teeth.

For example, during a pregnancy rats were "sacrificed" and the organs of both mother and fetus examined. The mercury was quite high in both mother and fetus. Perhaps part of the issue is that metals hide in select organs, fat, brain, liver or bone -- not body fluids.

In this article we discuss the effectiveness of a new chelator in treating heavy metals believed to have been largely acquired in the human womb. In any event, I believe everyone has some excess heavy metal in his or her body.

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