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Title: The Best Joint & Arthritis Cream Currently Available

When you feel pain, I wish I could tell you to buy a simple over the counter tube. Dream on. We both know that basic creams give minimal relief and they merely give a dash of relief to real suffering. In Europe, they have Motrin gel, which is used through the skin, and has a tiny benefit. At least it does not inflame the intestinal track as many anti-inflammation medications do. Are we really sure the best options for joint pains are medications which inflame the gut? Let me propose a very different and unique treatment for arthritis. A treatment which will never be approved by the FDA or have 10 studies done on it.

Specifically, together with master compounding pharmacists we have designed a cream with 5-7 components using FDA approved powders. The fact is the components of this cream come from separate companies. All these companies will never agree to work for one arthritis treatment. But the genius of this cream is it has so many useful ingredients that are synergistic -- they add to each others' mechanisms.

Despite the overbearing FDA, compounding pharmacists with extra training still have the ability to tailor medications for you, as opposed to the human masses like drug companies do.

We use ingredients, which include very powerful painkillers, anti-inflammation medications, which stay in the area they are rubbed on and do not bother the gut, and other medications are also added that calm the damaged tissue.

If the tissue is thin like ankles and hands the result is miraculous.

If the tissue is moderately thick like a shoulder, knee or elbow the results are good. Yet, if there is bone on bone pain, it is hard for the transdermal cream to offer good pain control. If the bone is rubbing on bone directly, it limits the pain control.

The least successful area for this cream is generally the deep lower back tissue and bones, since there are so many layers of shin, muscles, fat and film to pass through.

If you want a prescription consider having your doctor call 610 363 7474.

The good part about such local treatment is the medication does not get into the brain or rest of the body.

Hoping for pain control and your comfort and peace,

Dr. Schaller

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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