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Title: Intestinal Malabsorption after Antibiotic Use: Documented Serum Essential Mineral Depletion Using Blood and Fecal Analysis

I have regularly tested blood levels of essential minerals. In some their levels come up low or "non-detectable." If you check intracellular red blood cell levels, which is rarely done, the levels can look ever lower. Further, special tissue mineral level testing results can look the lowest.

I tested patients after giving the replacement mineral in a very highly absorbed form and many still had low levels. If I added a probiotic, or good bacteria that help with absorption, some would then be fine. However, some still showed no benefit. We then used very sophisticated stool cultures and found that the bacteria in the gut were the wrong types of organisms for health and/or were at unacceptable levels. They were limiting absorption. After changing the gut organisms to the proper ones the blood levels of the nutrients rose. These people had sterilized their gut with antibiotics at the same time they were killing a throat, ear, or sinus bacterial infection.

My local veterinarian and many European doctors give probiotics when they give antibiotics. My appeal is perhaps your care should be as good as Lassie's.

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