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Title: Hidden Lyme Disease

Angela was a pleasant young woman until she reached 16. Then she seemed to be nastier, have trouble concentrating, had grade declines and sleeps in a lot. She has missed 6 days of school this month. She has a lot of interests, but little energy to act on them. When you mention homework or mild Saturday chores she is verbally abusive.

Angela had been to her local family doctor, a smart and caring physician, who performed the routine tests. Since her dog had Lyme disease, her doctor also did a screen test, or antibody titer for her. It was negative.

When she came to me she was put on Doxycycline for 4 days due to her huge deer exposure, and then sent for lab testing. My goal was to kill some of the Lyme bugs, so that the immune response would show up, and her tests would be positive. I am editing a book on Lyme and learning some testing strategies that are not standard care.

Her Lyme titer came back again negative, but a better test, the Western Blot came back profoundly positive. In contrast to common understanding, Lyme tests are fair at best, and even people with very severe advanced Lyme are missed by the tests.

After 6 weeks of Doryx, a form of Doxycycline antibiotic less annoying to the stomach, and some immune stimulators, she was much improved. She was also placed on an old toxin binder, cholestyramine, since a few researches think Lyme might leach out a toxin as it dies.

She was also tested for Erlichia and the milder form of American Babesia. Both came back negative. These are regularly also carried by Lyme ticks.

She is doing very well now.

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