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Title: Buproprion (Welbutrin / Zypan) Retrials after Excessive PDR Starting Doses

The average starting dose of many psychiatric medications is too high for many people.

For those "sensitive" to medication or with anxiety problems a pill cutter may be your best friend. Here we show that starting with a fraction of a pill allows someone to use a medication they were previously "allergic to" when their starting dose was simply too rapid.

Always know the side effects of your medications. Most physicians are too busy paying for their insurance processing staff and malpractice premiums, to have side effect handouts on the 100-200 drugs they prescribe. They can only do so much with their limited time.

I would buy your own book on medications. Many are available and the choice would depend on your educational background and medical background, e.g., a nurse, pharmacist or chiropractor could handle a book with medical terms, while for others a book in plain English would be better. Pharmacy handouts have not impressed me.

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