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Title: The Use of Blueberry Lozenges to Deliver Glutathione

Glutathione is a major detoxifier for the body. If levels get low due to large amounts of medication, like common over the counter pain medicines, or toxin exposure, you are in a bad place. The body cannot remove these things as well. I feel the evidence is massive that if you cannot remove the toxins we all have in our body, you are more prone to get colds to cancer.

Glutathione is poorly absorbed into the blood stream by capsules.

Many patients have been treated with glutathione by placing an IV into their vein. While we think this has many benefits, it is not functional for people with limited time.

Therefore, we have worked with master compounding pharmacists, and as a team, we have devised an organic real blueberry lozenge that is penetrated with the glutathione. It penetrates the veins under the tongue like a nitroglycerin tablet does for those with chest pain.

Each is 250 mg in strength and we have found very good results with this delivery in active people. Also, the lozenges are not covered by insurance, but are cheaper than many IV treatments.

We use blueberry because this fruit might allow glutathione to be reused. The fact it tastes great has an even bigger role!

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