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Title: Understanding, Preventing and Coping with Suicide

Suicide is a genetic and biological coping act that runs in families. It is important for people with suicidal tendencies to get the best care they can afford; medication, natural hormones & aggressive nutrition and therapy may all help. Untreated panic attacks and anxiety increases suicide. Suicidal people need to decrease stressors, anxiety and shame experiences. 15-minute medication checks or trying only one medication or two is not aggressive and complete treatment.

I have needed, in rare occasions, to treat severe suicidal depression with three medications, a sunbox along with natural hormones, e.g. low thyroid, progesterone or low testosterone, along with three key anti-depressant nutrients. (After people improve, they often can be treated more simply).

Unfortunately, many insurance companies or government agencies only pay for quick medication treatment.

No one can be blamed for suicide. No parent can do enough. No spouse or friend can do enough. No doctor can be present 24 hours a day or spend more time than the HMO/PPO will allow. In the end, if a loved one has committed suicide it was because of great mental and emotional pain. They did not die because you or anyone else falied. The best thing to do is for families to talk and look at their own depression and anxiety to prevent it in the future. I had moderate biological depression as a 7 year-old and also while I was a 2nd year medical student. I do not say this because I feel "ashamed" of it. Biological depression is like eye color; you do not boast or apologize for your genetic heritage. I say this to show a frankness and openness that is useful in families.

I have a separate website associated with a colleague on the evidence associated with suicide.

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