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Sample James Schaller, MD Ratings

Dr. James Schaller treats almost every state and has web site visitors and patients from about 30 nations. He has invested most or all profit income to do self-funded full-time research to advance international medical science, and help the hardest people to treat.

Dr. James Schaller is rated highly by physicians and patients and has won awards from both.

Dr. Schaller is probably the reason I have a job right now. I had terrible chronic pain and fatigue and nobody could figure out what was wrong with me. I came to Dr. Schaller on a whim and he asked me some questions, then me get some blood work done. After he figured out that I had a combination of tick-born infections we talked about all of the things that we should do. Within half a year I was a new man. This doctor changed my life. His rates may be high but he's worth every penny.

Dr J is the man! He may be very intense but it's just because he's so passionate about helping people with tick borne infections. My time with him was liberating after so many doctors told me there was nothing they could do. After a few months of treatment I've noticed.

Dr James Schaller is a breath of fresh air. He thinks outside the box and is a true researcher. The difference is that he actually uses the research for clinical treatment. He's available to me at any time of the day and has a wonderful assistant Kim who is very helpful and pleasant to work with as well.

Dr Schaller will think outside the box and he will work with you and for you. He's worth every minute I speak with him and every penny. He's the first real doctor I've ever met. Thanks Dr. Schaller for your countless hours of research and your commitment to your patients and your integrity in your practice. I recommend without reservation being treated by Dr. Schaller.

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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